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Determine the Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provider Using the Provider ID

To find the correct Intel® Anti-Theft Service provider, use the provider ID found at the bottom of the lock screen. Using this example, the provider ID is 5000.

Note The contact URL in the lock screen can be incorrect. Always use the provider ID to find your service provider.

Match the provider ID number to the provider listed in the table. Click the link to go to the provider website.

Provider Provider ID
Absolute Software Computrace 2000
Absolute Software LoJack 2000
Best Buy PC Theft Defense 13000
Intel Anti-Theft Service 1.0 13000
Intel Anti-Theft Service 1.5 13100
Intel Anti-Theft Service 2.0 5000
Lenovo (China) 9000
McAfee Anti-Theft 1.5 13200
McAfee Anti-Theft 2.0 5000
Norton Anti-Theft 15000
Softex SecureDisable 12000
Symantec PGP 4000
WinMagic SecureDoc 6000

This applies to:

Intel® Anti-Theft Service (Intel® AT Service)
Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provided by McAfee

Solution ID: CS-034450
Last Modified: 19-Oct-2015
Date Created: 04-Aug-2013
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