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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software
Configuration and Use FAQ

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What is the memory requirement for Intel® Cache Acceleration Software (Intel® CAS)?

I am having problems installing Intel® CAS, why is this happening?

Why am I not able to update my Include file list?

Can Flash on the SAN be used for the cache device?

How do you combine Flash devices to use them as a single device?

Can you pin a file that is larger than the cache size?

What happens when you pin a file and it grows to a size larger than the cache?

Why does nothing happen when I click Intel CAS on the Start Menu or desktop icon?

How can I tell what applications need more I/O?

How do I test performance?

Performance is slower than I expected, what can I do?

Where are the cached files?

How do I delete all the cache files?

Does Intel® Cache Acceleration Software support write-back caching?

How do I change the cache drive used by the service?

How do I add to or change the list of files I want to accelerate?

How can I tell if all the operations are being performed without errors?

Where is the log file?

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Intel® Cache Acceleration Software

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