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Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provided by McAfee
How to uninstall Intel® Anti-Theft Service provided by McAfee

To uninstall the software:

  1. Click Windows Start > Control Panel > Programs > Program and Features.
  2. Select Intel AT Service, click Uninstall/Change.

  3. Click Continue when prompted for confirmation.

  4. Enter e-mail address and password to uninstall the software. These credentials are the same used for logging into the web console.

    The uninstall process begins.

  5. Click Restart Now to complete the process.

Operating System:

Windows 7 *, Windows 8*

This applies to:

Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provided by McAfee

Solution ID: CS-033944
Last Modified: 10-Oct-2013
Date Created: 19-Dec-2012
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