Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility
Supported Operating Systems for the Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

Operating system

  • Windows 98* SE
  • Windows 2000* Professional, Server, Advanced Server
  • Windows Me*
  • Windows XP*
The bootable version is operating system independent. After you create the bootable floppy, you can take it to any platform, reboot, and check on the status of your Intel® processor.

Note Windows 95*, Windows 98, Windows NT* 3.51, and Windows NT 4.0 are no longer supported. Use bootable version of the Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility for systems which have Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 installed.

This applies to:

Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processor
Intel® Pentium® II Xeon® Processor
Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Intel® Pentium® Pro Processors
Intel® Pentium® Processor
Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility
Mobile Intel® Celeron® Processors
Mobile Intel® Pentium® II Processors
Mobile Intel® Pentium® Processors
OverDrive® Processors

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Last Modified: 29-Sep-2014
Date Created: 10-Dec-2003
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