Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility
Product Features for the Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

Note There are now two processor identification utilities for identifying Intel® processors. The Intel® Processor Identification Utility is the newest identification utility for Intel processors. Prior to downloading either utility, please review the supported processors list showing the processors supported by each utility.

There are separate testing and reporting capabilities in the Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility represented by unique tabs. Each tab has specific features and acts independent of the other.

Frequency test tab (Windows* version)
When used on a system with a supported processor, the utility runs a speed test algorithm to determine the processor's operating frequency and compares it to the processor's expected frequency. Both the reported frequency and expected frequency are displayed on the Frequency Test Tab. If the processor is determined to be running as expected, the utility shows positive test with a "pass" icon. If the utility determines that the processor is running above its expected frequency, it cautions the user that the tested processor appears to be running above its expected frequency - a condition commonly referred to as "overclocked".

Note the utility will automatically enable the Frequency Testing Tab only if you are using a system with a supported processor.

CPUID data tab (Windows version)
Some operating systems can misidentify new processors. The CPUID Data Tab of the Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility properly identifies Intel products beginning with the Pentium® processor. It also displays the brand name of the processor family.

For Intel® processors starting from the Pentium processor generation, the utility identifies the product's brand designation (product name) and displays information about the processor's cache size, multimedia instructions, and Intel manufacturing designations. This information is occasionally helpful when communicating with Intel about a customer's specific processor.

Note for bootable version: The descriptions of the features of the utility on this page are for the Windows version. The bootable version of the utility reports the same information as the Windows version in a single screen text format. See the Reported Information for more detail.

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Intel® Processor Frequency ID Utility

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