How to Obtain Software and Drivers

Intel provides generic versions of certain drivers for general purposes. Your computer manufacturer may have altered the features, incorporated customizations, or made other changes to your driver. Intel recommends you contact your computer manufacturer first for the latest system specific updates and technical support information.

For Intel drivers, The Intel® Driver Update Utility will help you identify which driver updates are relevant to your computer and help you install them.

BIOS updates – why can’t I find them?
Any BIOS updates released specifically for your processor would be included in BIOS updates for your system or motherboard. For compatibility issues, check to see if your motherboard supports your processor and if a specific revision of BIOS is needed for processor support. Please refer to your system or motherboard manufacturer's website to find updates for your specific board.

Video drivers
Intel introduced processor graphics in 2009. The Intel® Driver Update Utility for Graphics will help you identify and install the graphics driver if applicable to your system.

Audio drivers
These type of drivers are specific to your motherboard, and not your processor. So to find the correct drivers for your system, you will need to see your system or motherboard manufacturer's website.

Chipset software
Software designed for your motherboard’s chipset would be found on the Intel® Chipset support site. It is not available for download from the Intel® Processor support site.

Processor Identification Utilities
There are two utilities designed to help you identify your Intel® Processor. Download them here.

Use the Download Center to manually download generic drivers for the products listed above or other products.

Intel Customer Support
If you have an issue specific to Intel software or hardware which cannot be addressed by your notebook manufacturer or service provider, Intel offers technical support via the Web, email, and telephone. The system information utility discovers components inside your PC and provides relevant Intel support links.

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This applies to:

Intel® Atom™ Processor
Intel® Core™ Duo Processor
Intel® Core™ i3 Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™ i5 Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™ i7 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition
Intel® Core™ Solo Processor
Intel® Core™2 Duo Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™2 Extreme Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™2 Quad Mobile Processor
Intel® Core™2 Solo Processor
Intel® Pentium® M Processor
Intel® Pentium® Processor for Mobile
Mobile Intel® Celeron® Processors
Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors - M

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