Intel® Pentium® Pro Processors

Written for the experienced design engineer, this databook discusses the technical specifications of the Pentium® Pro family of processors ranging from 150 Mhz to 200 Mhz. Electrical, thermal and mechanical data are included in this manual as well as component operation information. Information on design and debug tools, the GTL+ standard and OverDrive(R) processor specifications are also included in this volume. The Pentium Pro processor may contain design defects or errors known as errata. Current characterized errata are available on request. For the latest Specification Update containing this information, contact the Intel Literature Center at 800-548-4725 in the U.S and ask for the Pentium Pro Processor Specification Update (Order Number 242689). In other geographies, please contact your local sales office.

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The Pentium® Pro processor with 1 MB L2 cache is a multichip module targeted for use in high-end 4-way multiprocessor capable server systems. The component package contains an Intel Pentium Pro processor core, and 1 MB of L2 cache. The 1 MB cache is built using two of the 512 KB SRAM die found in the 512 KB version of the Pentium Pro processor. While the 512 K version uses a conventional ceramic package, the Pentium Pro processor with 1 MB L2 cache integrates the three die in a plastic package with an aluminum heat spreader. This 387-pin package is compatible with the current Pentium Pro processor footprint. The Pentium Pro processor with 1 MB L2 cache routes all of the processor's high-speed cache interface bus through balanced nets on a thin film interconnect substrate to the two L2 SRAMs. This allows for internal component operation speeds of 200 MHz between the Pentium Pro processor and the L2 cache die.

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Intel® Pentium® Pro Processors

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