Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Processor serial number control utility overview

With the introduction of the Pentium® III processor, Intel has also introduced a utility that allows users to control their processor serial number. It is available on CD-ROM directly from Intel, as well being shipped with some Pentium III processor-based systems.

In keeping with its focus on user privacy, Intel will be working with other operating system vendors, such as Linux, to try and develop similar capabilities for controlling their processor's serial number.

Utility Overview
The Intel® processor serial number control utility is a Windows* program that enables or disables the reading of the Pentium III processor serial number by software. This allows users to control which software programs or Web sites have permission to read the processor's serial number and ensures that their preference for the processor serial number setting is enforced. The default setting of the utility is to disable the reading of the processor serial number.

This utility places an icon in the Windows* system tray to provide the user with a visual indication of the state of the processor serial number feature. The user has the option of hiding the system tray icon. Disabling the processor serial number can be done at anytime, but enabling the serial number requires the system to be restarted.

System Requirements
The Intel processor serial number control utility requires:

  • Pentium III processor-based system
  • Windows* 95, Windows* 98, Windows NT* 4.0
  • 2 megabytes of hard disk space

This applies to:

Intel® Pentium® III Processor

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