Intel® Pentium® Processor for Desktop
Product Order Codes

The table lists the Intel® Pentium® Processors by package type, and their associated processor order codes.

The boxed order code belongs to the retail or boxed processor product, and comes with a processor, manual, sticker, and fan heatsink. These products are sold with a three-year warranty. Intel provides technical support and warranty services for these processors.

The OEM order code, or tray order code, are for processors sold to large system manufacturers. The system manufacturer provides the technical support and warranty services directly to the customer for these processors.

Boxed processor codes start with BX for universal product codes and BXC for processors sold in PRC.

Note The Intel® Pentium® Desktop Processor has five package types: LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA775 and FCBGA1170. Select a desktop board that supports your specific socket type, and that has BIOS support for your processor.

The processor number links take you to a list of compatible Intel motherboards. The order codes link to the specifications database where you can also compare products.

Processor number Core speed Front side bus Package type Boxed order code OEM order code
Intel® Pentium® Processor LGA1150
G3470 3.60 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3470 CM8064601482520
G3260 3.30 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3260
G3260T 2.90 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483744
G3460T 3.00 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483760
G3460 3.50 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3460 CM8064601482508
G3450 3.40 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3450 CM8064601482505
G3450T 2.9 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483714
G3440 3.30 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3440 CM8064601482563
G3440T 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483717
G3430 3.30 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3430 CM8064601482518
G3420T 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483712
G3420 3.20 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3420 CM8064601482522
G3258 3.20 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3258 CM8064601482573
G3250 3.20 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3250
G3250T 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483718
G3240 3.10 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3420 CM8064601482507
G3240T 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483722
G3220T 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601483713
G3220 3.00 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G3220 CM8064601482519
Intel® Pentium® Processor FCBGA1170
J2900 2.41 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301614903
J2850 2.41 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301455104
Intel® Pentium® Processor LGA1155
G2140 3.30 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2140 CM8063701391100
G2130 3.20 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2130 CM8063701391200
G2120T 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701391600
G2120 3.10 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2120 CM8063701095801
G2100T 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701219000
G2030T 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701450500
G2030 3.00 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2030 CM8063701450000
G2020T 2.50 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701444601
G2020 2.90 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2020 CM8063701444700
G2010 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G2010 CM8063701444800
G870 3.10 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G870 CM8062307260115
G860T 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8062301198300
G860 3.00 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G860 CM8062307260237
G850 2.90 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G850 CM8062301046204
G840 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G840 CM8062301046104
G645T N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8062301263701
G645 2.90 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G645 CM8062301262601
G640T 2.40 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G640T CM8062301002204
G640 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G640 CM8062307260314
G630T 2.30 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G630T CM8062301046604
G630 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G630 CM8062301046404
G622 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G622 CM8062301049115
G620T 2.20 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G620T CM8062301046504
G620 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G620 CM8062301046304
Intel® Pentium® Processor LGA1156
G6960 2.93 GHz N/A LGA1156 N/A CM80616005373AA
G6951 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1156 BX80616G6951 CM80616004593AF
G6950 2.80 GHz N/A LGA1156 BX80616G6950 CM80616004593AE
Intel® Pentium® Processor LGA775
E6800 3.33 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BX80571E6800 AT80571PH0932ML
E6700 3.20 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BX80571E6700 AT80571PH0882ML
E6600 3.06 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BX80571E6600 AT80571PH0832ML
E6500K 2.93 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BXC80571E6600K N/A
E6500 2.93 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BX80571E6500 AT80571PH0772ML
E6300 2.80 GHz 1066 MHz LGA775 BX80571E6300 AT80571PH0722ML
E5800 3.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5800 AT80571PG0882ML
E5700 3.0 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5700 AT80571PG0802ML
E5500 2.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5500 AT80571PG0722ML
E5400 2.70 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5400 AT80571PG0682M
E5300 2.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5300 AT80571PG0642M
E5200 2.50 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E5200 EU80571PG0602M
E2220 2.40 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E2220 HH80557PG0561M
E2210 2.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BXC80571E2210 EU80571RG0491M
E2200 2.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E2200 HH80557PG0491M
E2180 2.0 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E2180 HH80557PG0411M
E2160 1.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E2160 HH80557PG0331M
E2140 1.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E2140 HH80557PG0251M

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Intel® Pentium® Processor for Desktop

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