Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors
Linux* Does Not Properly Identify the Processor


Linux* does not properly identify the processor; Linux* fails to install


Linux* 2.x CPUID database does not properly identify the Intel Pentium 4 processors, and fails to install.


Some versions of Linux* do not recognize the Intel® Pentium® 4 processor, and fail to complete installation.

Most versions of Linux* use a CPUID database that is incorporated into the Linux* Red Hat* Packet Manager (RPM) install mechanism. If you have an older version of RPM, the installation may halt, not completing the operating system install.

The versions of the Linux* operating system that have been validated to work with Intel Pentium 4 processors are listed below:

Red Hat* 7.0 should work out of the box with Intel Pentium 4 processor-based systems.
Turbolinux* Workstation Pro 6.1 can be installed following a simple manual workaround.
Turbolinux* Workstation Pro 6.1 (English version) workaround
Step 1: At the screen where it says "Confirm Selection" (after you pick what kind of environment that you want to install)

Step 2: Press "ALT-F2" to get to a shell prompt,

Step 3: Edit "/usr/lib/rpmrc" file and go to "Architecture Compatibility" section

Step 4: Add the line below to the Architecture Compatibility list:

Add this line To This List
arch_compat: i?86: i686 arch_compat: i986: i886
arch_compat: i886: i786
arch_compat: i786: i686
arch_compat: i686: i586
arch_compat: i586: i486
arch_compat: i486: i386
arch_compat: i386: noarch
arch_compat: i?86: i686

Step 5: Save File

Step 6: Press "ALT-F1" to resume install

Intel Corporation is working closely with Linux* operating system vendors to make updates available. Please contact your Linux* vendor regarding an updated Linux* install with the correct CPUID database, for Intel Pentium 4 processor recognition.

This applies to:

Intel® Pentium® 4 Processors

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Last Modified: 09-Feb-2015
Date Created: 03-Feb-2009
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