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To find out which Pentium® OverDrive® processor is best for your system, visit the OverDrive processor Product Reference Table

RMA Warranty Servicing(US Only)

The Pentium® OverDrive processor carries a 3 year warranty.

RMA Warranty Servicing(Outside the US)

Customers outside of the United States who need fulfillment items or processor servicing will need to go back to their point of purchase for service.

Socket Voltage Requirements

The socket voltage requirements for the Pentium OverDrive processors vary depending on the specific OverDrive processor.

  • For the 120/133MHz Pentium OverDrive processor, the socket voltage is 5 volts.
  • For the 125-, 150-, and 166-MHz Pentium OverDrive processors, all speeds operate at a socket voltage of 3.3 volts.

What clock jumper settings do you need to change to upgrade with the Pentium OverDrive processor?

Usually none. Pentium OverDrive processors are designed to be a drop-in solution. They incorporate a hardwired bus-to-core speed ratio to eliminate the need to change CPU clock multiplier jumpers. Refer to your system's owners manual and Intel's Product Reference Table for more information on configuring your specific system to support the Pentium OverDrive processor.

Is my system compatible with a Pentium OverDrive processor?

Intel's Product Reference Table is the best source of information for determining if your system is compatible.

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OverDriveŽ Processors

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