Intel486? OverDrive® Processor
System Compatibility List, A-O

This system list includes Intel486(TM) SX and DX CPU-based systems that are upgradable with the IntelDX4(TM) OverDrive(R) processor.

     Manufacturer/model                                  Compatible




     Acer Incorporated

     AcerPower 486V (Intel486 DX-33)                     DX4ODPR100

     AcerPower 486V (Intel486 SX-25)                     DX4ODP75

     AcerPower 486V (Intel486 SX-33)                     DX4ODP100

     AcerPower 8366T                                     DX4ODPR100

     AcerPower 8376T                                     DX4ODPR100

     AcerPower 8475T                                     DX4ODPR100

     Acros 4234                                          DX4ODP75

     Acros 4235                                          DX4ODP100

     Acros 4254                                          DX4ODP100

     Acros 4334                                          DX4ODPR100

     Acros 4335                                          DX4ODPR100

     Acros 4354                                          DX4ODPR100



     TARGA SERIES II 486DX-33                            not compatible


     Advanced Logic Research Inc.

     Evolution IV 4/33 (Intel486 DX-33)                  DX4ODPR100

     Evolution IV 4/33s (Intel486 SX-33)                 DX4ODP100

     Flyer VL Green 486/25                               DX4ODP75

     Flyer VL Green 4DX/33                               DX4ODPR100

     Flyer VL Green 4SX/33                               DX4ODP100

     ProVEISA LT 4/33                                    DX4ODPR100

     ProVEISA LT 4/33s                                   DX4ODP100


     Ambra Computer

     Ambra HURDLA mt (DX25)                              DX4ODPR75

     Ambra HURDLA mt (DX33)                              DX4ODPR100

     Ambra HURDLA mt (SX25)                              DX4ODP75

     Ambra HURDLA mt (SX33)                              DX4ODP100

     Ambra SPRINTA (DX25)                                DX4ODPR75

     Ambra SPRINTA (DX33)                                DX4ODPR100

     Ambra SPRINTA (SX25)                                DX4ODP75

     Ambra SPRINTA (SX33)                                DX4ODP100

     Ambra SPRINTA II (DX25)                             DX4ODPR75

     Ambra SPRINTA II (DX33)                             DX4ODPR100

     Ambra SPRINTA II (SX25)                             DX4ODP75

     Ambra SPRINTA II (SX33)                             DX4ODP100


     Amstrad PLC

     PC9486 (Intel486 SX-25)                             not compatible

     PC9486 (Intel486 SX-33)                             not compatible



     FTE 486 (33MHZ)                                     DX4ODPR100

     FTE 486SX-25                                        DX4ODP75

     XEN PC 486DX33                                      DX4ODPR100

     XEN-LS II 486DX-25 Rev F                            DX4ODPR75

     XEN-LS II 486DX-33                                  DX4ODPR100

     XEN-LS II 486SX-20                                  DX4ODP75

     XEN-LS II 486SX-25                                  DX4ODP75

     XEN-LS II 486SX-33                                  DX4ODP100



     ASI 486SX-33                                        not compatible



     CONSERVA 486-25SX                                   not compatible


     AST Research Inc.

     Advantage! 6000 (6033s)                             DX4ODP100

     Advantage! Adventure 4000 (4050d)                   not compatible

     Advantage! Adventure 4000 (4066d)                   not compatible

     Advantage! Adventure 6000 (6033s)                   DX4ODP100

     Bravo 4/25s                                         DX4ODP75

     Bravo 4/33 type 2                                   DX4ODPR100

     Bravo 4/33s                                         DX4ODP100

     Bravo 486/25                                        not compatible

     Bravo LC  4/33s                                     DX4ODP100

     Bravo LC 2  4/25s                                   DX4ODP75

     Bravo LC 4/33d                                      DX4ODPR100

     Bravo LC 4/50s                                      not compatible

     Bravo LC 4/66d                                      not compatible

     Bravo LP 4/25S (Intel486 SX-25)                     DX4ODP75

     Bravo LP 4/33 (Intel486 DX-33)                      DX4ODPR100

     Bravo MS 4/33s                                      DX4ODP100

     Premium II 486SX/20                                 DX4ODP75

     Premmia MTE 4/33 (Intel486 DX-33)                   DX4ODPR100


     AT&T Global Information Solutions

     3230  (dx33)                                        DX4ODP100

     3230  (sx25)                                        DX4ODP75

     3230  (sx33)                                        DX4ODP100

     3230 (dx25)                                         DX4ODPR75

     3350 (sx25) F021                                    DX4ODP75

     3350 (sx33)                                         DX4ODP100

     3410 (sx/25) F021                                   DX4ODP75

     Globalyst 515                                       DX4ODP100




This system list includes Intel486 SX and DX CPU-based systems that are upgradable with the IntelDX4 OverDrive processor. Manufacturer/model Compatible OverDrive processor CINET ET100 (4SX33) DX4ODP100 LS100 (4SX33) DX4ODP100 VL100 (4SX33) DX4ODP100 Comco Comco 486DX33 DX4ODPR100 COMPAQ Deskpro 4/25is/n DX4ODP75 DESKPRO 4/33i DX4ODPR100 DESKPRO 4/33i/n DX4ODPR100 Deskpro 486 25 (486SX25) DX4ODP75 Deskpro 486 33 (486SX33) DX4ODP100 DESKPRO 486 4/25is DX4ODP75 DESKPRO 486/33M DX4ODPR100 DESKPRO 486DX/33i DX4ODPR100 DESKPRO 486DX/33M DX4ODPR100 DESKPRO 486s/16M DX4ODP75 DESKPRO 486s/25M DX4ODP75 DESKPRO 486s/33M DX4ODP100 DESKPRO 486SX/25i DX4ODP75 DESKPRO XE433S DX4ODP100 DESKPRO XL 433 DX4ODPR100 DESKPRO XL 433s DX4ODP100 PRESARIO 633 DX4ODP100 PRESARIO 833 DX4ODP100 PROLINEA 4/25s DX4ODP75 PROLINEA 4/33 DX4ODPR100 PROLINEA 4/33s DX4ODP100 PROLINEA 4/50s DX4ODP75 PROLINEA CDS DX4ODP75 PROLINEA MT 4/33s DX4ODP100 PROSIGNIA 486DX/33 DX4ODPR100 COMPUADD 425DX DX4ODPR75 C-series 486 EISA PD/MT/Deskside (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 C-series 486 EISA PD/MT/Deskside (4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 C-series 486 EISA PD/MT/Deskside (4SX-25) DX4ODP75 C-series 486 Hi-End EISA PD/MT/Deskside (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 C-Series 486 LP (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 C-Series 486 LP (4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 C-Series 486 LP (4SX-25) DX4ODP75 C-Series 486 LP (4SX-33) DX4ODP100 CPD 486 PCI Bus PD/MT/Deskside (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 CPD 486 PCI Bus PD/MT/Deskside (4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 CPD 486 PCI Bus PD/MT/Deskside (4SX-25) DX4ODP75 CPD 486 PCI Bus PD/MT/Deskside (4SX-33) DX4ODP100 CPD 486 PD/MT Deskside (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 CPD 486 PD/MT Deskside (4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 CPD 486 PD/MT Deskside (4SX-25) DX4ODP75 CPD 486 PD/MT Deskside (4SX-33) DX4ODP100 CPD 486 PD/MT/Deskside (EISA PASS4) (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 CPD 486 PD/MT/Deskside (EISA PASS4)(4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 CPD 486 PD/MT/Deskside (EISA PASS4)(4SX-25) DX4ODP75 CPD 486 PD/MT/Deskside (EISA PASS4)(4SX-33) DX4ODP100 LP 486/425S DX4ODP75 LP 486/433D DX4ODPR100 LP 486/433S DX4ODP100 Valueline Plus 486 (4DX-25) DX4ODPR75 Valueline Plus 486 (4DX-33) DX4ODPR100 Valueline Plus 486 (4SX-25) DX4ODP75 Valueline Plus 486 (4SX-33) DX4ODP100 486SX/25 DX4ODP75


This system list includes Intel486 SX and DX CPU-based systems that are upgradable with the IntelDX4 OverDrive processor. Manufacturer/model Compatible OverDrive processor Dan Technology, PLC Dan Vantage (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 Dan Vantage (Intel486 SX-25) DX4ODP75 Datavarehuset AS BRICK 9002 4DXP (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 BRICK 9002 4DXV (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 BRICK 9002 4SXV (Intel486 SX-33) DX4ODP100 Dell Computer Corporation 425SL not compatible 433/L not compatible 433s/M not compatible 433SL not compatible 486P/16 DX4ODP75 486P/20 DX4ODP75 486P/25 DX4ODP75 486P/25-487 DX4ODP75 486P/33 DX4ODPR100 Dimension 425SI DX4ODP75 Dimension 433DV DX4ODPR100 Dimension 433DXS DX4ODPR100 Dimension 433SI DX4ODP100 Dimension 433SV DX4ODP100 Dimension 433SXS DX4ODP100 Dimension 43I DX4ODPR100 Dimension 486DX-33 DX4ODPR100 Dimension 486DX-33s DX4ODPR100 Dimension 486SX-25s (Rev 3.0) DX4ODP75 Dimension 486SX/25 DX4ODP75 Netplex 425SP DX4ODP75 Netplex 433P DX4ODP100 Netplex 433SP DX4ODP100 Omniplex 425/s DX4ODP75 Omniplex 433 DX4ODP100 Omniplex 433/s DX4ODP100 Optiplex 425s MT DX4ODP75 Optiplex 433/L not compatible Optiplex 433s DX4ODP100 Optiplex 433s/L DX4ODP100 Optiplex 4xxMTE DX4ODPR100 Optiplex 4xxMXE DX4ODPR75 PowerEdge 433/SP DX4ODPR100 Precision 425SI DX4ODP75 Precision 433DV DX4ODPR100 Precision 433I DX4ODPR100 Precision 433SI DX4ODP100 Precision 433SV DX4ODP100 Digital Equipment Corporation DEC PC 433DX MT not compatible DEC PC 433DX MTE (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 DEC PC LP 425SX DX4ODP75 DEC PC LPv 425SX not compatible DEC PC LPv 433DX not compatible DEC PC LPv 433SX not compatible DEC PC LPv+ 425SX DX4ODP75 DEC PC LPv+ 433DX DX4ODPR100 DEC PC LPv+ 433SX DX4ODP100 DEC PC LPv+ 450S2 DX4ODP75 DEC PC LPx 425sx DX4ODP75 DEC PC LPx 433DX (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 DEC PC LPx 433SX (Intel486 SX-33) DX4ODP100 DEC PC LPx+ 433DX DX4ODPR100 DEC PC LPx+ 433SX DX4ODP100 DEC PC LPx+ 450S2 DX4ODP75 DEC PC XL 433DX (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 Venturis Full Profile 450S2 DX4ODP75 Venturis Slimline 433SX DX4ODP100 Venturis Slimline 450S2 DX4ODP75 DTK FEAT 5030/D33 not compatible FEAT 5030/S33 not compatible ELONEX PC433DX DX4ODPR100 EPSON EXPRESS STATION EISA (33MHZ) DX4ODPR100 ESCOM ESCOM PRIMO DESKTOP 486DX25 DX4ODPR75 ESCOM PRIMO DESKTOP 486DX33 DX4ODPR100 ESCOM PRIMO DESKTOP 486SX20 DX4ODP75 ESCOM PRIMO DESKTOP 486SX25 DX4ODP75 ESCOM PRIMO DESKTOP 486SX33 DX4ODP100 Gateway 2000 486DX/33 DX4ODPR100 486SX-25 DX4ODP75 P4D-33 (Baby AT Case) (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 P4D-33 (Tower) (Intel486 DX-33) DX4ODPR100 Hewlett Packard Vectra 486/25 VL2 DX4ODP75 Vectra 486/25N PC not compatible Vectra 486/25VL DX4ODP75 Vectra 486/33M2 DX4ODPR100 Vectra 486/33U PC DX4ODP100 Vectra 486/33VL2 DX4ODP100 Vectra 486/66VL2 DX4ODPR100


This system list includes Intel486 SX and DX CPU-based systems that are upgradable with the IntelDX4 OverDrive processor. Manufacturer/model Compatible OverDrive processor IBM Corporation Aptiva 2144-14P DX4ODP100 Aptiva 2144-14P DX4ODP75 Aptiva 2144-22P DX4ODP100 Aptiva 2144-24P DX4ODP100 Aptiva 2144-24P DX4ODP75 Aptiva 2144-744 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 Aptiva 2144-853 486SX33 DX4ODP100 Aptiva 310-486SX/33 DX4ODP100 APTIVA 330-486SX2/50 DX4ODP75 MODEL 70 POWER PLATFORM (25MHZ) not compatible PC330 6571-C3C 433SX DX4ODP100 PS/1 2133-11E (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-14C (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-16E (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2133-18A (486SX-33) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2133-18T (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2133-21C (486SX2-50) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2133-21C (486SX2-50) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2133-23D (486SX-33) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2133-24C (486SX-33) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2133-51D (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2133-52D (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2133-D50 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-D82 not compatible PS/1 2133-G43 not compatible PS/1 2133-P53 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2133-S40 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2133-S48 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-S50 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2133-S53 not compatible PS/1 2133-W40 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2133-W42 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-W43 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-W45 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2133-W50 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2155-20E (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2155-22T (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2155-24C (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2155-24M (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2155-39E (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2155-41T (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2155-45V (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2155-46M (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-48E (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2155-50T (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2155-55V (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2155-72E (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-74T (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-76C (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-78C (486SX2-50) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2155-79C (486SX2-50) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2155-82E (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-84T (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-86C (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-88V (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-D53 not compatible PS/1 2155-D82 not compatible PS/1 2155-E52 not compatible PS/1 2155-G54 not compatible PS/1 2155-NM1 (486SX2-50) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2155-P54 DX4ODP75 PS/1 2155-P57 not compatible PS/1 2155-RS1 DX4ODP100 PS/1 2155-RS2 DX4ODP100 PS/1 2155-S44 (486SX-25) not compatible PS/1 2155-S54 not compatible PS/1 2155-S80 (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2155-W77 (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2155-Z33 (486DX-33) not compatible PS/1 2168-28V (486SX-33) not compatible PS/1 2168-31E (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2168-33T (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2168-37C (486DX2-50) not compatible PS/1 2168-51E (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2168-54T (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2168-S85 (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 2168-SR1 (486SX-33) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2168-SR2 (486SX-25) DX4ODP100 PS/1 2168-SR2 (486SX-25) DX4ODP75 PS/1 2168-W82 (486DX2-66) not compatible PS/1 ADVISOR 2133-M40 not compatible PS/1 ADVISOR 2133-M46 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT 2155-G46 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2133-G46 DX4ODP75 PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2155-G52 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2155-G72 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2155-G76 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2155-G78 not compatible PS/1 CONSULTANT MODEL 2168-G57 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL 2155-W42 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL MODEL 2133-W42 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL MODEL 2133-W45 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL MODEL 2155-W48 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL MODEL 2155-W67 not compatible PS/1 ESSENTIAL MODEL 2168-W52 not compatible PS/1 EXPERT 2155-S45 DX4ODP75 PS/1 EXPERT MODEL 2133-S45 not compatible PS/1 EXPERT MODEL 2133-S47 not compatible PS/1 EXPERT MODEL 2168-S55 not compatible PS/1 INVESTOR 2155-P74 not compatible PS/2 9576 AU9 (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9576 AUB (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9576 BUB (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9576 IU9 (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9577 AUB (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9577 BUB (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 9577 IUB (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 76 not compatible PS/2 MODEL 77 not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 (DX-33MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 AG5 (20MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 AH9 (25MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 AKD (20MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 OG9 (20MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 90 XP 486 OH9 (25MHZ) not compatible PS/2 MODEL 95 XP 486 (25MHZ) DX4ODPR75 PS/2 MODEL 95 XP 486 (33MHZ) DX4ODPR100 PS/2 MODEL 95 XP 486 AG9 (20MHZ) DX4ODP75 PS/2 MODEL 95 XP 486 AH9 (25MHZ) DX4ODP75 PS/2 MODEL 95 XP 486 OH5 (25MHZ) DX4ODP75 PS/2 SERVER 85 (9585-OXx) not compatible PS/55 MODEL 5530 W0 (JAPAN) not compatible PS/55 MODEL 5551 W (JAPAN) not compatible PS/55 MODEL 5560 W1 (JAPAN) not compatible PS/55 MODEL 5580 W0 (JAPAN) not compatible PS/V 2405 WA (JAPAN) not compatible PS/V 2405 WO (JAPAN) not compatible PS/V 2406 W (JAPAN) not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F00 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F40 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F20 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F2A not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F2B not compatible Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F40 DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F4A DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 425SX 6384-F4B DX4ODP75 ValuePoint 425SX 6384Fxx not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-F02 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-F30 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-F50 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-F51 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-F3C DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 425SX/D 6384-FV0 DX4ODP75 ValuePoint 425SX/D 6384G00 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/D 6384G40 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/D 6384G41 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/D 6384G50 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/D 6384G53 not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/S 6382-F3C DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 425SX/S 6382-FMO DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 425SX/S 6382-FVO DX4ODP75 ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382F00 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382F30 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382F50 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382F51 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382FYO not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382FZ1 not compatible ValuePoint 425SX/S 6382FZO not compatible Valuepoint 425SX/Si 6381-KY0 DX4ODP75 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M00 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M43 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M20 DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M2A DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M2B DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M40 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M4A DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M4B DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M53 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M5A DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX 6384-M5B DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M01 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M30 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M51 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M52 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M5C DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M5D DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M70 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-M71 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-MFC DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/D 6384-MV0 DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N00 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N50 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N51 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N53 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N70 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/D 6384N73 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6482H0D not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6482H3B not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6482H3G not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6482H4F not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6484H4B not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Dp 6484H4G not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/S 6382M00 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/S 6382M30 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/S 6382M50 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/S 6382M51 not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Si 6381-M2C DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/Si 6381-M3C DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/Si 6381-MY1 DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/Si 6381-MYO DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint 433DX/Sp 6472H0D not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Sp 6472H3B not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/Sp 6472H4F not compatible Valuepoint 433DX/T 6384-MV0 DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387M00 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387M70 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387M71 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387N00 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387N50 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387N70 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387N71 not compatible ValuePoint 433DX/T 6387N73 not compatible Valuepoint 433SX/D 6384-K3C DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 433SX/D 6384-KV0 DX4ODP100 ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K00 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K30 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K50 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K51 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K70 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384K71 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384L00 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384L40 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384L41 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384L50 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/D 6384L53 not compatible Valuepoint 433SX/Dp 6482C0D not compatible Valuepoint 433SX/Dp 6482C3B not compatible Valuepoint 433SX/Dp 6482CNB not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382K00 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382K30 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382K50 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382K51 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382KYO not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382KZ1 not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/S 6382KZO not compatible ValuePoint 433SX/Si 6381K50 not compatible Valuepoint 433SX/Sp 6472C0D DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 433SX/Sp 6472C3B DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 6382-K3C 433SX/S DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 6382-KM0 433SX/S DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 6382-KV0 433SX/S DX4ODP100 Valuepoint 6382-M5C 433DX/S DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint 6384-189 (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-18E (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-18J (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-18R (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-18S (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-193 (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-199 (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-19E (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1A3 (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1A9 (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1AD (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1AE (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1AH (486SX-33) not compatible ValuePoint 6384-1AJ (486SX-33) not compatible Valuepoint MV0 433DX/S DX4ODPR100 Valuepoint Performance 433DX/Dp 6482-H3C DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433DX/Dp 6482-HV1 DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433DX/Sp 6472-H2C DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433DX/Sp 6472-H3B DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433DX/Sp 6472-HV1 DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433DX/Tp 6492-HV1 DX4ODPR100 ValuePoint Performance 433SX/Dp 6482-C2C DX4ODP100 ValuePoint Performance 433SX/Dp 6482-CV1 DX4ODP100 ValuePoint Performance 433SX/Sp 6472-C2C DX4ODP100 ValuePoint Performance 433SX/Sp 6472-CV1 DX4ODP100 ValuePoint Performance 6382-H3B (486DX-33) not compatible ValuePoint Performance 6382-H3D (486DX-33) not compatible ValuePoint Performance 6382-H3G (486DX-33) not compatible ValuePoint Performance 6382-H4F (486DX-33) not compatible ValuePoint Performance 6382-HOD (486DX-33) not compatible


This system list includes Intel486 SX and DX CPU-based systems that are upgradable with the IntelDX4 OverDrive processor. Manufacturer/model Compatible OverDrive processor ICL Personal Computers A.B. ErgoPRO D4/33 XGi (Intel486 SX-33) DX4ODP100 VALUE PLUS MD/33 (DX) DX4ODPR100 VALUE PLUS MD/33 (SX) DX4ODP100 INSIGHT 486DX-25 LOCAL BUS DX4ODPR75 Direct VL486DX2/66 not compatible Intergraph TD1 (Intel486 DX-33) not compatible TD1 (IntelDX2 66) not compatible Value Magic (Intel486 SX-33) not compatible KBS (K T TECH) KT 486 F4DXI-UC3 (DX25) DX4ODPR75 KT 486 F4DXI-UC3 (DX33) DX4ODPR100 KT 486 F4DXI-UC3 (SX20) DX4ODP75 KT 486 F4DXI-UC3 (SX25) DX4ODP75 KT 486 F4DXI-UC3 (SX33) DX4ODP100 KT 486 SIS (DX233) DX4ODPR100 KT 486 SIS (DX25) DX4ODPR75 KT 486 SIS (SX25) DX4ODP75 KT 486 SIS (SX33) DX4ODP100 KT Contaq 486 (4SX25) DX4ODP75 KT Raffles 486 S486-471 (DX25) DX4ODPR75 KT Raffles 486 S486-471 (DX33) DX4ODPR100 KT Raffles 486 S486-471 (SX33) DX4ODPR100 KTRaffles 486 S486-471 (SX25) DX4ODP75 MEMOREX TELEX 85P5 (4DX33) DX4ODPR100 Celeria LPSX33 (4SX-33) DX4ODP100 NCR, an AT&T Company 3230 (DX25) DX4ODPR75 3230 (DX33) DX4ODPR100 3230 (SX25) DX4ODP75 3230 (SX33) DX4ODP100 3230LB (DX-33) DX4ODPR100 3230LB (SX-25) DX4ODP75 3230LB (SX-33) DX4ODP100 Nec Technologies Inc. IMAGE 425es DX4ODP75 IMAGE 433es DX4ODPR100 PC-9821 As2 (JAPAN) DX4ODP100 PC-9821 Bs (JAPAN) not compatible PC9801 BS2 (JAPAN) not compatible PC9801BX (JAPAN) DX4ODP75 PC9801FA (JAPAN) not compatible PowerMate 486/33I DX4ODPR100 PowerMate 486SX/25I DX4ODP75 Ready 425es (Intel486 SX-25) DX4ODP75 NORTHGATE ELEGANCE 486e ZXP EISA (20) DX4ODP75 ELEGANCE 486e ZXP EISA (25) DX4ODP75 ELEGANCE 486e ZXP EISA (33) DX4ODP100 ELEGANCE 486e ZXP EISA (DX33) DX4ODPR100 Olivetti M300-28 DX4ODP75 M6 440 not compatible M6 440 Suprema (Intel486 DX-33) not compatible M6/420 (SX33) DX4ODP100 MODULO M4-64 DX4ODPR100 Osborne Osborne 486DX-25 DX4ODPR75 Osborne 486DX-33 DX4ODPR100 Osborne 486SX-25 DX4ODP75 Osborne 486SX-33 DX4ODP100

This applies to:

OverDrive® Processors

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Last Modified: 30-Jul-2010
Date Created: 22-Jun-2004
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