Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor
Product Order Codes for the Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor

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Speed Package Type Increments* Order Number** Boxed Order Number
400 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526NY400256 N/A
450 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526NY450256 N/A
450 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526NY450256 BXM80526B450256
450 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CUC450A N/A
450 MHz MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22CUC450B N/A
500 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526NY500256 N/A
500 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526NY500256 BXM80526B500256
500 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CUC500A N/A
500 MHz MMC-2 50-pack MPM22CUC500B N/A
500 MHz4 BGA2 Single KC80526GU500256 N/A
600 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY600256 N/A
600 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY600256 BXM80526B600256
600 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGC600A N/A
600 MHz MMC-2 50-pack MPM22CGC600B N/A
600 MHz3 BGA2 Single KC80526GL600256 N/A
600 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GL600256 N/A
650 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY650256 N/A
650 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY650256 BXM80526B650256
650 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGC650A N/A
650 MHz MMC-2 50-Pack MPM22CGC650B N/A
700 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY700256 N/A
700 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY700256 BXM80526B700256
700 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGB700A N/A
700 MHz MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22CGB700B N/A
700 MHz-M6 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530UY700512 N/A
733 MHz-M5 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LZ733512 N/A
750 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY750256 N/A
750 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY750256 BXM80526B750256
750 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGB750A N/A
750 MHz MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22CGB750B N/A
750 MHz3 BGA2 Single KC80526GL750256 N/A
750 MHz-M5 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LY750512 N/A
750 MHz-M4 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530UY750512 N/A
800 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY800256 N/A
800 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY800256 BXM80526B800256
800 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGA800A N/A
800 MHz MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22CGA800B N/A
800 MHz-M5 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LZ800512 N/A
800A MHz-M5,7 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LY800512 N/A
800 MHz-M6,7 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ805030UY800512 N/A
800 MHz-M6 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ805030UZ800512 N/A
850 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY850256 N/A
850 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY850256 BXM80526B850256
850 MHz MMC-2 Single MPM22CGA850A N/A
850 MHz MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22CGA850B N/A
850 MHz-M3 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LY850512 N/A
850 MHz-M6 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530UY850512 N/A
866 MHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ866512 N/A
866 MHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ866512 BXM80530B866512
866 MHz-M3 Micro-FCPGA Single RJ80530LZ866512 N/A
866 MHz-M6 Micro-FCPGA Single RJ80530UZ866512 N/A
900 MHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY900256 N/A
900 MHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY900256 BXM80526B900256
933 MHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ933512 N/A
933 MHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ933512 BXM80530B933512
933 MHz-M5 Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530LZ933512 N/A
1 GHz BGA2 Single KC80526GY001256 N/A
1 GHz Micro-PGA2 Single KP80526GY001256 BXM80526B001256
1 GHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ001512 N/A
1 GHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ001512 BXM80530B100GD
1 GHz-M5 Micro-FCPGA Single RJ80530LZ001512 N/A
1.06 GHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ004512 N/A
1.06 GHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ004512 BXM80530B106GD
1.13 GHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ006512 N/A
1.13 GHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ006512 BXM80530B113GD
1.20 GHz-M Micro-FCBGA Single RJ80530GZ009512 N/A
1.20 GHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ009512 BXM80530B126GD
1.26 GHZ-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ012512 N/A
1.33 GHz-M Micro-FCPGA Single RH80530GZ014512 N/A
  1. There are no multi-packs for the BGA2 and micro-PGA2
  2. The part number for the MMC-2 packages are for stepping B. Stepping A would have MPM22CGAxxxX instead of MPM22CGBxxxX and MPM22CUAxxxX instead of MPM22CUAxxxX.
  3. Low-voltage (1.35 V/1.10 V)
  4. Ultra-low voltage (1.1 V/0.975 V)
  5. Low-voltage (1.15 V/1.05 V) based on .13µ process technology.
  6. Ultra-Low voltage (1.1V/0.95 V) based on .13µ process technology
  7. This processor features a 100 MHz system bus

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Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor

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