Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor
What is the Difference Between Micro-PGA2 and Micro-FCPGA?

The micro-PGA2 consists of a BGA package mounted to an interposer with small pins. The pins are 1.25 mm long and 0.30 mm in diameter. While there are several micro-PGA2 socket designs available, all of them are designed to allow zero-insertion force removal and insertion of the mobile Pentium III processor.

Micro-PGA Package

The micro-Flip Chip Plastic Grid Array (micro-FCPGA) package contains 478-pins, yet does not use interposer, which allows for a thinner processor). Different from the micro-PGA2 processors, is that the micro-FCPGA has a capacitor area on the underside with the pins. The pins are 2.03 mm long and 0.32 mm in diameter.

Micro-Flip Chip PGA

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Mobile Intel® Pentium® III Processor

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