Mobile Intel® Pentium® II Processors
Product Order Codes for Mobile Intel® Pentium® II Processors

Speed L2 Cache2 Package
Increments OEM Order Number Boxed Order Number
233 512K MMC-1 Single MPPM5P2233A N/A
233 512K MMC-2 Single MPM25P2233A N/A
233 512K MiniCartridge Single 80523TX233512K N/A
233 512K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM25P2233B N/A
233 512K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM5P2233B N/A
266 256K MMC-2 Single MPM22PDA266A N/A
266 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA266A N/A
266 512K MMC-2 Single MPM25P2266A N/A
266 512K MMC-1 Single MPPM5P2266A N/A
266 256K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22PDA266B N/A
266 256K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM2PDA266B N/A
266 512K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM25P2266B N/A
266 512K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM5P2266B N/A
266 512K MiniCartridge Single 80523TX266512K N/A
266 256K MiniCartridge Single 80524KX266256 N/A
266 256K BGA1 Single KC80524KX266256 N/A
266 256K Micro-PGA1 Single KP80524KX266256 N/A
300 256K MMC-2 Single MPM22PDA300A N/A
300 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA300A N/A
300 512K MMC-2 Single MPM25P2300A N/A
300 512K MMC-1 Single MPPM5P2300A N/A
300 256K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22PDA300B N/A
300 256K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM2PDA300B N/A
300 512K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM25P2300B N/A
300 512K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM5P2300B N/A
300 256K MiniCartridge Single 80524KX300256 N/A
300 512K MiniCartridge Single 80523TX300512K N/A
300 256K BGA1 Single KC80524KX300256 N/A
300 256K Micro-PGA1 Single KP80524KX300256 N/A
333 256K MMC-2 Single MPM22PDA333A N/A
333 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA333A N/A
333 256K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22PDA333B N/A
333 256K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM2PDA333B N/A
333 256K BGA1 Single KC80524KX333256 N/A
333 256K Micro-PGA1 Single KP80524KX333256 N/A
333 256K MiniCartridge Single 80524KX333256 N/A
366 256K MMC-2 Single MPM22PDA366A N/A
366 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA366A N/A
366 256K MMC-2 50 Pack MPM22PDA366B N/A
366 256K MMC-1 50 Pack MPPM2PDA366B N/A
366 256K BGA1 Single KC80524KX366256 N/A
366 256K Micro-PGA1 Single KP80524KX366256 N/A
366 256K MiniCartridge Single 80524KX366256 N/A
400 256K MMC-2 Single MPM22PDA400A N/A
400 256K MMC-1 Single MPPM2PDA400A N/A
400 256K MMC-2 50-Pack MPM22PDA400B N/A
400 256K MMC-1 50-Pack MPPM2PDA400B N/A
400 256K BGA1 Single KC80524TX400256 N/A
4001 256K Micro-PGA1 Single KP80524TX400256 N/A
4001 256K MiniCartridge Single 80524KX400256 N/A

1 This processor is a die shrink to .18 micron process technology.
2 Processors with 256K L2 cache have on die cache.

This applies to:

Mobile Intel® Pentium® II Processors

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Date Created: 09-May-2004
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