Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processor
Product Order Code Table

The table lists Intel® Celeron® Processors and the associated processor order codes.

The boxed order code belongs to the retail or boxed processor product that usually comes with a processor, manual, sticker, and fan heatsink. These products are sold with a three-year limited warranty. Intel provides technical support and warranty services for these processors.

The OEM order code, or tray order code, are for processors sold directly to large system manufacturers. The system manufacturer provides the technical support and warranty services for these processors directly to the customer. Boxed codes start with BX are universal box codes. Codes that start with BXC are sold in PRC only.

The processor number links provided take you to a list of compatible Intel motherboards. Links in the order code columns take you to a database that provides the processor specifications.

Note The Intel® Celeron® Processor Family has several package types, LGA1150 is the most current. Select a motherboard that supports your specific package type, and has BIOS support for your processor.

Processor number Core speed Front side bus Package type Boxed order code OEM order code
Intel® Celeron® Processor LGA1150
G1850 2.90GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G1850
G1840 2.80GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G1840
G1840T 2.50GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601482618
G1830 2.80GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G1830 CM8064601483404
G1820T 2.40GHz N/A LGA1150 N/A CM8064601482617
G1820 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1150 BX80646G1820 CM8064601483405
Intel® Celeron® Processor FCBGA1170
J1900 2.42 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301615009
J1850 2.00 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301455200
J1800 2.58 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301615103
J1750 2.41 GHz N/A FCBGA1170 N/A FH8065301562600
Intel® Celeron® Processor LGA1155
G1630 2.80GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G1630 CM8063701449000
G1620T 2.40GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701448300
G1620 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G1620 CM8063701445001
G1610T 2.30 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8063701445100
G1610 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80637G1610 CM8063701444901
G555 2.70 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G555 CM8062301263601
G550T 2.20 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8062301002309
G550 2.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G550 CM8062307261218
G540T 2.10 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8062301047004
G540 2.50 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G540 CM8062301046804
G530T 2.00 GHz N/A LGA1155 N/A CM8062301046904
G530 2.40 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G530 CM8062301046704
G470 2.00 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G470 CM8062301264401
G465 1.90 GHz N/A LGA1155 BXC80623G465 CM8062301264500
G460 1.80 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G460 CM8062301088702
G440 1.60 GHz N/A LGA1155 BX80623G440 CM8062301088501
Intel® Celeron® Processor LGA775
E3500 2.70 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E3500 AT80571RG0681ML
E3400 2.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E3400 AT80571RG0641ML
E3300 2.50 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E3300 AT80571RG0601ML
E3200 2.40 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80571E3200 AT80571RG0561ML
E1600 2.40 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E1600 HH80557PG056D
E1500 2.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E1500 HH80557PG049D
E1400 2 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E1400 HH80557PG041D
E1200 1.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557E1200 HH80557PG025D
450 2.20 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 N/A HH80557RG049512
440 2 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557440 HH80557RG041512
430 1.80 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557430 HH80557RG033512
420 1.60 GHz 800 MHz LGA775 BX80557420 HH80557RG025512
Intel® Celeron® D Processor LGA775
365 3.60 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 N/A HH80552RE104512
360 3.46 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80552360 HH80552RE099512
356 3.33 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80552356 HH80552RE093512
355 3.33 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE3330CN HH80547RE093CN
352 3.20 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80552352 HH80552RE088512
351 3.20 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE3200CN JM80547RE088CN
347 3.06 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80552347 HH80552RE083512
346 3.06 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE3066CN JM80547RE083CN
345J 3.06 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE3066C JM80547RE083256
341 2.93 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2933CN JM80547RE077CN
340J 2.93 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2933C JM80547RE077256
336 2.80 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2800CN JM80547RE072CN
335J 2.80 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2800C B80547RE072256
331 2.66 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2667CN JM80547RE067CN
330J 2.66 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2667C B80547RE067256
326 2.53 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2533CN JM80547RE061CN
325J 2.53 GHz 533 MHz LGA775 BX80547RE2533C B80547RE061256
Intel® Celeron® D Processor 478-pin
350 3.20 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE3200C RK80546RE088256
345 3.06 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE3066C RK80546RE083256
340 2.93 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2933C RK80546RE077256
335 2.80 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2800C RK80546RE072256
330 2.66 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2667C RK80546RE067256
325 2.53 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2533C RK80546RE061256
320 2.40 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2400C RK80546RE056256
315 2.26 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2267C RK80546RE051256
310 2.13 GHz 533 MHz 478-pin BX80546RE2130C RK80546RE046256

Intel® Celeron® Processor 478-pin

N/A 2.80 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2800B RK80532RC072128
N/A 2.70 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2700B RK80532RC068128
N/A 2.60 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2600B RK80532RC064128
N/A 2.50 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2500B RK80532RC060128
N/A 2.40 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2400B RK80532RC056128
N/A 2.30 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2300B RK80532RC052128
N/A 2.20 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2200B RK80532RC045128
N/A 2.10 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2100B RK80532RC049128
N/A 2 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC2000B RK80532RC041128
N/A 1.80A GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80532RC1800B RK80532RC033128
N/A 1.80 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80531P180G128 RK80531RC033128
N/A 1.70 GHz 400 MHz 478-pin BX80531P170G128 RK80531RC029128
Intel® Celeron® Processor FC-PGA2
N/A 1.40 GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA2 BX80530F1400256 RK80530RY017256
N/A 1.30 GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA2 BX80530F1300256 RK80530RY013256
N/A 1.20 GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA2 BX80530F1200256 RK80530RY009256
N/A 1.10A GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA2 BX80530F1100256 RK80530RY005256
N/A 1.10 GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F1100128 RB80526RY005128
N/A 1A GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA2 BX80530F1000256 RK80530RY001256
N/A 1 GHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F1000128 RB80526RY001128
N/A 950 MHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F950128 RB80526RY950128
N/A 900 MHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F900128 RB80526RY900128
N/A 850 MHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F850128 RB80526RY850128
N/A 800 MHz 100 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F800128 RB80526RX800128
N/A 766 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F766128 RB80526RX766128
N/A 733 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F733128 RB80526RX733128
N/A 700 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F700128 RB80526RX700128
N/A 667 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F667128 RB80526RX667128
N/A 633 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F633128 RB80526RX633128
N/A 600 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F600128 RB80526RX600128
N/A 566 MHz 66 MHz FC-PGA BX80526F566128 RB80526RX566128
N/A 533 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P533128 FV80524RX533128
N/A 500 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P500128 FV80524RX500128
N/A 466 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P466128 FV80524RX466128
N/A 433 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P433128 FV80524RX433128
N/A 400 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P400128 FV80524RX400128
N/A 400 MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80524R400128 N/A
N/A 366 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P366128 FV80524RX366128
N/A 366 MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80524R366128 N/A
N/A 333 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P333128 FV80524RX333128
N/A 333 MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80524R333128 N/A
N/A 300 MHz 66 MHz PPGA BX80524P300128 FV80524RX300128
N/A 300A MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80524R300128 N/A
N/A 300 MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80523R300000 N/A
N/A 266 MHz 66 MHz SEPP BX80523R266000 N/A

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Intel® Celeron® Desktop Processor

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