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Intel® Anti-Theft Service (Intel® AT Service) 1.x is discontinued as of March 31, 2015. All subscriptions are now expired. Even when subscriptions expire, you must take the steps to unsubscribe from the service.


Once the Intel® AT Service servers are decommissioned in June 2015, your PC might lock if not unsubscribed from the service.

It is critical that your PC is properly unsubscribed from the service to prevent problems in the future. Taking steps to unsubscribe before June 30, 2015 is recommended.

Please use Intel® Anti-Theft Service 1.x Unsubscribe Guide to help unsubscribe from the Intel® Anti-Theft Service.

This applies to:

Intel® Anti-Theft Service (Intel® AT Service)
Intel® Anti-Theft Service Provided by McAfee
Intel® Anti-Theft Technology

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Last Modified: 24-Aug-2015
Date Created: 17-Dec-2013