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Certain Obsolete 10/100 Adapters are No Longer Being WHQL Certified

Starting with software release 8.4, our 10/100 adapter family has been split into two groups, each with its own Windows INF file. The difference between the two groups is one carries a current Microsoft* WHQL certification, and the other does not. Both groups use the same base drivers (only the INF's are different).

The adapters that do not carry a current Microsoft WHQL certification are obsolete products that cannot pass the new WHQL tests. The technology on which they are based is out-of-date and cannot meet the current standards required by Microsoft.

Microsoft enforces a policy requiring that products that do not meet current WHQL standards cannot be included in a certified INF, even if the other products in the INF using the same base driver meet those standards.

When installing adapters that are included in the uncertified INF, you are presented with a Windows warning message that the adapter does not include a Microsoft digital signature (assuming the OS is not configured to ignore the signature).

Generally, the adapters that are not included in the certified INF are based on the 82557 controller, introduced in 1995, and the 82558 controller, introduced in 1997. Adapters based on the 82559 controller, introduced in 1999, and forward are included in the certified INF. The PRO/100+ Dual Port Server Adapter (PILA8472), even though based on 82558 LAN controllers, is in the certified group.

The last release to include a Microsoft digital signature file for these obsolete Intel® 10/100 PCI adapters was release 8.3.01. This release is available in Download Finder for those needing a Microsoft digital signature file for their older adapters.

The branded retail Intel 10/100 adapters included in the uncertified INF are listed below:
Adapters no longer meeting certification requirements
  • Intel® PRO/100B (all models)
  • Intel® PRO/10+ PCI (all models)
  • Intel® PRO/100+ Management Adapter models PILA8900 (PBA# 691334-xxx) and PILA8461 (PBA# 701738-xxx) but not PILA8460B (PBA# 721383-xxx).
  • Intel® PRO/100+ PCI Adapter models PILA8460 (PBA# 668081-xxx, 689661-xxx and 722762-xxx) but not PILA8460BN (PBA# 741462-xxx).
  • Intel® PRO/100+ Server Adapter model PILA8470 (PBA# 710550-xxx) but not PILA8470B (PBA# 729757-xxx).
  • LAN on Motherboard designs using an 82557 or 82558 LAN controller.

Note: Applying the driver set to a computer with a mix of certified and uncertified Intel 10/100 adapters, can result in a Device Manager status of code 10 on some of the adapters until you either stop and restart the adapter drivers, or reboot the computer.

What if my network has a mix of certified and uncertified 10/100 adapters?
Drivers are tested on both certified and uncertified adapters. You should be able to update drivers across your enterprise without issue. The adapters falling into the uncertified group will trigger a digital signature warning.

The last release had drivers that were certified for my adapter. In the new release my adapter is in the uncertified group. Should I update my drivers?
If you are having an issue that you think the new drivers can correct, or the new release has a feature you want, then you should update. If you are not experiencing issues with your adapter and do not need any of the features of the new release, then there is no reason to update. See "What's new in the latest release?" for a description of the new features and improvements.

If I am performing RIS installs or unattended installs using the older uncertified adapters, won't that lack of a digital signature cause problems?
When using an automated install process, you need to either configure your installation files to ignore the digital signature, or use the older certified driver set. This driver set is still available on Download Finder. Download either PL2KXP for certified legacy 10/100 support and PROSet, or PL2KXPM for certified base drivers only.

Operating System:

Windows 2000*, Windows XP Professional*, Windows XP Home Edition*, Windows Server 2003*, Windows XP Media Center Edition*, Windows 2000 Server*, Windows 2000 Advanced Server*, Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition*

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100+ Adapter
Intel® PRO/100+ Management Adapter
Intel® PRO/100+ Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/100B Adapter

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Last Modified: 03-Oct-2014
Date Created: 18-Apr-2004
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