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Network Connectivity
Compiling the Intel® PRO/1000 Ethernet Driver for Linux* PXE Installations

Need to do a Linux* PXE installation with Intel® PRO/1000 adapters.

To do a PXE installation of Linux with the latest Intel® drivers for PRO/1000 adapters, one must modify the ramdisk image that gets transmitted via tftp to the client.

Part A: Compile a version of the driver to work with the boot kernel

  1. Download and decompress the driver
  2. In the src directory edit the Makefile
  3. In the header of the Makefile turn off iANS and PRODIAG
  4. Close & save the Makefile
  5. make clean

    This should compile the driver for the Redhat BOOT kernel (e1000.o)

Part B: Unzip and mount the image you wish to modify:

  1. Locate the initrd ramdisk image you wish to modify
  2. gzip -dc initrd.img> /tmp/initrd.ext2
  3. mkdir /mnt/initrd
  4. mount -o loop /tmp/initrd.ext2 Z

Part C: Decompress the modules.

  1. gzip -dc /mnt/initrd/modules/modules.cgz >/tmp/modules.cpio
  2. cd /tmp
  3. zcat /tmp/modules.cpio | cpio -ivd
  4. Copy the e1000.o into the directory created by the last command
  5. cd /tmp (if you left)
  6. find (directory created by cpio)/ | cpio -ov -H crc | gzip > modules.cgz
  7. cp /tmp/modules.cgz /mnt/initrd/modules (and replace existing)

Part D: Add new driver info to modules and recompress the image

  1. cd /mnt/initrd/modules
  2. edit module-info and copy the pro100 lines modifying them for the e1000.o module
  3. Add the new device ID's to the file called pcitable to support auto-detection of drivers (otherwise you will need to manually select the correct driver from the client during install)
  4. leave the /mnt/initrd directory structure
  5. umount /mnt/initrd
  6. gzip -9 /tmp/initrd.ext2
  7. mv /tmp/initrd.ext2.gz /tmp/initrd.img

You can now use the image in the /tmp directory.

Operating System:


This applies to:

Intel® PRO/1000 F Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MF Dual Port Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MF Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MF Server Adapter (LX)
Intel® PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MT Dual Port Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 MT Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 T Desktop Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 T Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 XF Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 XT Low Profile Server Adapter
Intel® PRO/1000 XT Server Adapter

Solution ID: CS-000201
Last Modified: 07-Oct-2013
Date Created: 18-Sep-2002
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