Intel® PRO/100 S Server Adapter
Advanced Networking Services for Windows NT* 4 (Teaming)

Windows NT* adapter teaming

Adapter Teaming Installation Notes for the PRO/100 S Server Adapter Under Windows NT 4.0

Note: Teaming requires Intel® Server Adapters.

The PRO/100 S adapter provides several options for increasing throughputand fault tolerance when running NT 4.0:

  • Adapter Fault Tolerance (AFT) - provides automatic redundancy foryour adapter. If the primary adapter fails, the secondary takes over.

  • Adaptive Load Balancing (ALB) - creates a team of 2 - 8 adapters toincrease transmission throughput. Also includes the AFT option. Workswith any 100BASE-TX switch.

  • Fast EtherChannel* (FEC) - creates a team of 2 or 4 adapters toincrease transmission and reception throughput. Also includes the AFToption. Requires a Cisco switch with FEC capability.
For more information on adapter teaming, please see the general readmefile on Adapter Teaming (TEAMING.TXT).

Before you get started
Before you can configure the PRO/100 S adapter for Adapter Teaming, you need to do the following:
  • Install at least two PRO/100+ or PRO/100 S server adapters in a Windows NT 4.0 system as described in the "Windows NT 40 Installation Notes" section in the MS.TXT readme file. When installation is complete make sure you restart Windows NT.

    Note: Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or later is required for implementing Adapter Teaming properly. Install Service Pack prior to configuring Adapter Teaming.

    Support Site for NDISFIXI

    NDIS Driver Hotfix: nt40/hotfixes-postsp3/ndis-fix/*

  • If connecting to a hub, each adapter in a team must be connected to a port which is in the same collision domain. If connected to a switch, each adapter in a team must be connected to a port which is in the same network.

    Important: If you intend to team PRO/1000 Gigabit Server adapters or PRO/100 Intelligent Server adapters, make sure you download the latest drivers for these adapters from the Intel website.
General instructions
  1. Double-click on the Network Icon in the Control Panel.

  2. Select the Adapters tab and double-click the "Intel PRO/100 S PCI Adapter" found in the Network Adapters list box. This will launch the PROSet utility.

  3. Click on the Adapter Teaming tab and click the Add Adapter to a Team button.

  4. At the Teaming Wizard dialog, select the type of team you want to create and click Next.

  5. Add a check in the checkbox for each adapter you want as a part of the team and click Next.

  6. Click Finish to apply your changes.

  7. Click OK to close PROSet.

    You should notice a new listing in the Network control panel, which is the team you have created.

  8. Click Close to close the Network control panel. Other configuration screens may appear. Configure as desired.

  9. When prompted, restart Windows NT.

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100 S Server Adapter

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