Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter

Technical specifications
System Compatibility:
IBM-compatible PC with 80386 CPU or higher

Bus Interface:
16 bit ISA

Data Transfer Method:
16 bit Programmed I/O

Interrupt Levels:
3, 4, 5, 2/9, 10, 11, 12, 15
software configurable, edge triggered

I/O Address:
15 settings, 32 byte boundries
200h, 220h, 240h, 280h, 2A0h, 2C0h, 2E0h,
300h, 320h, 340h, 360h, 380h, 3A0h, 3C0h,

Buffer Memory:
8K bytes

Boot Rom Socket:
up to 32K byte
8K byte window into Extended ROM BIOS

Ethernet controller:
National Semi DP83800

Network Connectors:

Network Compatiblity:
IEEE 802.3 10Base-T (10 Mbps Ethernet over twisted pair cable)
IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX (100 Mbps Ethernet over twisted pair cable)

Network Cable:
Category 3, 4 and 5 for 10Mbps (EIA/TIA 568 wiring practices)
Category 5 for 100Mbps mode (EIA/TIA 568 wiring practices)
100 meters (328 ft.) maximum hub to node length

Network Diagnostic LEDs:
100Mbps mode

Power requirements:
+5vdc only
3.5 watts typical
4.2 watts maximum

Operating temperature:
operating 0 - 50 degrees C

10% - 80% non-condensing

3.4 inches by 6.4 inches

FCC Part 15, Class A
VDE 0871, Class B

Limited lifetime -- see Installation Guide for details