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Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter
Product Discontinuation Statement

In November 2000 Intel announced the discontinuation of the Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter (PILA8480).

The following products will be replaced:

PILA8480 PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter
PILA8480PAK5 PRO/100 Intelligent Server - 5 Pack

Product Discontinuation Schedule

February 15, 2001 Last Product Order Date
May 15, 2001 Last Product Delivery Date

Q1. Why is Intel no longer offering the PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter?
A1. This adapter is being discontinued due to customer preference for Intel adapters featuring newer technology, such as the PRO/100 S Server Adapter (PILA8470C3) and the PRO/1000 family of server adapters.

Q2. How long will Intel provide drivers for the PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter?
A2. Base drivers for the Intelligent Server Adapter are provided for Windows NT* 4.0 and 3.51, Windows* 2000, DOS*, NetWare 3.2, 4.11-5.1 (with CHSM capability), and UnixWare* 2.x and 7.0. Teaming (limited modes) and ISL VLAN drivers are provided only for NetWare 4.11 through 5.1 and Windows NT 4.0 and 2000. Intel will not be developing new drivers for these products.

Q3. How long will Intel provide support for the PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter?
A3. Free technical troubleshooting information will continue via our online services through December 2002. Telephone and e-mail support via Intel technicians will continue through April 2002.

Q4. What if I have problems with my PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter and need an RMA. Will you still honor the warranty?
A4. The PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter has a Limited Lifetime Warranty, which Intel will continue to honor. Adapters replaced under the Warranty will be replaced with the same or similar product. Please see the warranty statement in your user manual for warranty details.

Q5. Since Intel will no longer offer the PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter, are you recommending a different product?
A5. Due to the broad industry acceptance of the IEEE 802.1Q VLAN standard, Intel will no longer manufacture network adapters that support the Cisco proprietary ISL VLAN technology. We recommend upgrading to the Intel PRO/100 S Server adapter (PILA8470C3) for customers needing 100 MB server connections, or to a PRO/1000 copper adapter (10/100/1000). All of these newer server class adapters support the IEEE 802.1Q VLAN standard and various modes of offloading from the CPU.

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100 Intelligent Server Adapter

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