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Intel® PRO/100B Adapter
PRO/100 TX PCI Adapter Model B Product Discontinuation Statement

In Q1, 1998 Intel announced the discontinuation of the Intel® PRO/100 TX PCI Adapter Model B (PILA8465B).

The following products will be replaced:

PILA8465B EtherExpress™ PRO/100B LAN Adapter
PILA8465BPAK5 EtherExpress™ PRO/100B - 5 Pack
PILA8465BPAK20   EtherExpress™ PRO/100B - 20 Pack
PILA8465BPAK80 EtherExpress™ PRO/100B - 80 Pack

Product discontinuation schedule

June 30, 1998   - Last Product Order Date (based on product availability)
Sept. 30, 1998 - Last Product Delivery Date (based on product availability)
Dec. 1999 - Telephone Support Discontinued
Sept. 2000 - Automated online self help services discontinued

Q1: Why is Intel no longer offering the PRO/100B LAN Adapter?
A1. This adapter is being discontinued due to customer preference for the Intel PRO/1000 MT Adapter.

Q2. How long will Intel provide drivers for the PRO/100B LAN Adapter?
A2. It is Intel's plan that the driver suite for the PRO/100 LAN Adapter family will continue to be backward compatible with the PRO/100B LAN Adapter.

Q3. Is the PRO/100 T4 PCI LAN Adapter being discontinued?
A3. Please see the separate statement concerning the PRO/100B T4 Adapter.

Q4. How long will Intel provide support for the PRO/100B LAN Adapter?
A4. Free technical troubleshooting information will continue via our online services through February 2004. Telephone and email support via Intel technicians has been discontinued.

Q5. What if I have problems with my PRO/100B LAN Adapter and need an RMA. Will you still honor the warranty?
A5. The PRO/100B LAN Adapter has a Limited Lifetime Warranty which Intel will continue to honor. Adapters replaced under the Warranty will be replaced with an EtherExpress PRO/100+ Adapter or similar product.

Q6. What if my PRO/100B adapter fails? How will I get a warranty replacement?
A6. Print the Intel® PRO/100B Adapter RMA Request Form, fill it out and follow the directions to fax it to the Intel RMA department. Proof-of-purchase showing that you are the original owner is required.

Q7. Since Intel will no longer offer the PRO/100B LAN Adapter, are you recommending a different product?
A7. Yes. We recommend upgrading to 1000BaseT products, such as the Intel® PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter.

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100B Adapter

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