Networking Connectivity
Intel® PRO/100B Adapter
Resolving a Conflict Between the Intel® PRO/100B Adapter and S3 Chipset Based

  1. Start Windows* 95 in safe mode by re-booting the system and pressing F5 as soon as "Starting Windows 95" appears.

  2. Double click the My Computer icon.

  3. Highlight the C drive by clicking on it once.

  4. Select File, then Find.

  5. Find and delete all instances of the following files;

      OEM??.INF (where ?? equals any 1 or 2 digit number).

    If Novell's* Client 32 for Windows* 95 is installed, also find and delete;


    Some of these files will be in the \WINDOWS\INF directory, which is usually hidden. You may need to go to a DOS prompt, enter CD\WINDOWS\INF, and then manually delete the files.

  6. Open the Device Manager by clicking on My Computer, System, and then the Device Manager tab.

  7. If there is an entry labeled "Other Devices", check for a "PCI Ethernet Controller" listed underneath it and remove it if it exists. DO NOT restart Windows 95 at this time.

  8. Under "Network Adapters", remove all instances of the Intel adapter. The exact name listed varies with the installation and driver release. Let Windows 95 restart normally.

  9. When rebooting, Windows* 95 should state "new hardware found". Install the card, but when prompted to restart, select No.

  10. Open the Device Manager, double click on the Intel Adapter's name (ignore the exclamation point next to it, if it has one).

  11. Click on the Resources tab, then uncheck the box titled "Use Automatic Settings".

  12. Double click on the top memory range and enter an address of FFFBF000 - FFFBFFFF. The spaces on each side of the (-)symbol are needed. Click OK. If Windows returns a message stating "The setting you have chosen conflicts with another device" click on NO, then scroll with the up and down arrows next to the address range until no conflict is noted. Click OK.

  13. Double click on the next memory range and enter FFE00000 - FFEFFFFF. Click OK and then follow the same rules in step 12.

  14. Double click on the Input/Output range and enter FF80 - FF9F. Click OK and then follow the same rules in step 12.

  15. Click OK. Answer YES to the "Do you want to continue?" message and restart the system. It should now work properly.

This applies to:

Intel® PRO/100B Adapter

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Last Modified: 17-Oct-2014
Date Created: 29-Sep-2004
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