Intel® PRO/100B Adapter
Windows 95* NT-Server-Based Push Install and Setup

This information is provided solely as a convenience to Intel customers. If you have questions about Microsoft Windows NT* 3.51, Windows 95*, or the Client Installation process, consult your Windows NT documentation, your Windows 95 Resource Kit, or contact Microsoft for assistance. This process make use of only the basic installation options. If you want to further automate the Windows 95 installation process, refer to the Windows 95 Resource Kit.

Install Windows NT 3.51 on a network server

  1. Install Windows NT as directed in documentation.
Create the client installation diskette

  1. Create a directory called "CLIENTS" at the root directory of your C: drive. (example: C:\CLIENTS).

  2. If you install the client files into a directory other than C:\CLIENTS, write down that path so you'll have it ready for use in later steps.

Install Windows 95 on a workstation equipped with a working CD-ROM drive

  1. Install Windows 95 as directed in documentation

  2. Use the "Network Neighborhood" dialog to map drive M: to the \CLIENTS directory on the Windows NT* server (see Windows 95* documentation for help with mapping drives).

Run NETSETUP at the Windows 95 station (Windows 95 Resource Kit, Chap. 4)

  1. Insert Windows 95 CD and change to that drive by selecting it in the "My Computer" dialog.

  2. If a menu appears, choose "Browse this CD" to view the directories.

  3. Choose these directories: ADMIN\NETTOOLS\NETSETUP

  4. Click on NETSETUP program icon.

    1. Click on the "Set Path" button then enter: M:\WIN95 (allowNETSETUP to create directory).

    2. Click on "Install" button.

    3. Verify settings shown in "Source Path" dialog, then click OK.

      Local hard drive

    4. Click on "Create default" button to create the MSBATCH.INF file.

      Set Setup options:

      "Do not allow user input"
      Your choice
      "Do a full installation"

      Set "Install Location" options

          - Server based setup:
      "on user's hard drive"
      "hard disk"

      Set other options as desired.

      You'll set value for NETCARD later in this process, so don't enter the value at this time.

      Click OK to continue.

    5. Enter the "Product ID" from the Windows 95 CD, then press ENTER.

    6. Allow several minutes for NETSETUP to copy files to server.

    7. Click OK when shown that the installation is complete.

    8. Click EXIT to close the NETSETUP dialog.

Run INFINST at the Windows 95 station (Windows 95 Resource Kit, Chap. 5, Page 157)

  1. Click on INFINST program icon (found in ADMIN\NETTOOLS\NETSETUP directory on Windows 95 CD).

  2. Click on the "Set path" button

    1. Type M:\WIN95

    2. Click OK.

  3. Click on the "Install INF" button.

    1. Insert the EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter diskette into drive A.

    2. Choose the drive A: from the drive list.

    3. Select NETE100B.INF from the file list.

    4. Click OK.

    5. If prompted for location of NETE100B.INF, enter A:\

    6. Click OK when told that "MSBATCH.INF updated to integrate INF".

  4. Click "Exit" to close the INFINST.
Copy the EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter drivers to the Windows NT server

  1. Go to the Windows 95 station or the Windows NT server console.

  2. Use the "My Computer" dialog (Windows 95) or File Manager (Windows NT) to view the WIN95 directory on the Windows NT server.

  3. Create these sub-directories under the WIN95 directory:


  4. Insert the EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter diskette into drive A:.

  5. Copy these files from the EtherExpress PRO/100B adapter diskette to the new directories:


Edit the files on the client installation diskette

  1. Edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file on the Client Installation disk to map to the MSCLIENT directory on the NT server.

    (example: NET USE Z: \\servername\CLIENTS

  2. Edit the SETUP command to run the Windows 95 setup using the MSBATCH.INF file.

    (example: Z:\WIN95\SETUP Z:\WIN95\MSBATCH.INF

  3. Save the file and exit the editor.

Install Windows 95 on a workstation using the client installation diskette

  1. Insert the Client Installation diskette into the workstation.

  2. Boot the workstation.


The following example was created by the NETSETUP program based on the settings suggested in step 4 of this document. If you entered additional settings while running NETSETUP, your MSBATCH.INF file will contain additional lines for those settings.

    ProductID=your product-id number


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Intel® PRO/100B Adapter

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