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Intel® Boot Agent Features

As of version, the Intel® Boot Agent contains the following new features:

More diagnostics information on the setup screen
When the configuration setup menu is displayed, you may press the "D" key to display diagnostics information in the lower half of the screen. This information includes:

  • PWA # (board ID)
  • MAC address
  • I/O information
  • Memory address
  • Slot number

You will find this information in the lower half of your screen and it will remain until you leave the configuration screen: Either by pressing the "F4" key, pressing the "escape" key, or by rebooting the computer.

Continuous retry mode
In a scenario where both PXE client and server are booting at the same time, it is not uncommon for the client to attempt to connect to the server and timeout as the server is still booting. This version of the Intel Boot Agent provides the ability to continuously retry until the server becomes available. This feature should only be utilized by an experienced System Administrator. Unnecessary use of this feature will result in the NIC continuously searching for an IP address. Contact your Intel® Customer Support representative for details if this feature is required.

Fast boot detection
Microsoft* has defined a 'simple boot flag.' If the BIOS supports this flag, it will take the shortest possible route when booting the system. All non-essential activities, such as testing memory, are bypassed in this mode. This version of Intel Boot Agent is able to scan the BIOS ACPI tables to access this flag.

The ability to force speed and duplex
The functionality to specify speed and duplex is also provided with this release of the Intel Boot Agent.

  • Gigabit speeds cannot be forced but must be connected through auto negotiation. Contact your Intel® Customer Support representative for details if this feature is required.
  • After boot, the Operating System settings supersede the Intel Boot Agent speed and duplex settings.
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