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IntelŽ PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter
NetWare* 4.11 Server Driver Installation Notes

Driver name: CE1000.LAN       Location on CD-ROM: \NWSERVER

Installation procedure

Note: Your NetWare* 4.11 software must be upgraded to Support Pack 5 prior to installing the Intel driver. The Support Pack is available from Novell's Minimum Patch List.

Note: Prior to installing, either mount the PRO/1000 CD-ROM as a NetWare volume, or create a floppy disk from the CD on a different computer. See Readme.txt in the root of the CD for details on creating a floppy.

Use the NetWare Install program to install the PRO/1000 adapter driver. The following procedure is a condensed description of the installation process.

  1. From the NetWare console, type LOAD INSTALL <Enter>.

  2. From the Installation Options screen, choose "Driver options" and press Enter.

  3. Choose "Configure network drivers" and press Enter. If any drivers are already loaded, a list of them appears.

  4. Choose "Select an additional driver" and press Enter. A list of drivers appears.

  5. Insert the Intel floppy disk or CD-ROM and choose "Install an unlisted driver" by pressing Insert.

  6. If you're using a floppy disk, insert the disk in drive A and press Enter. If you've mounted the CD-ROM as a NetWare volume, press F3 and enter PRO1000:NWSERVER as the source path.

  7. The driver name is displayed: Intel® PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter. Press Enter to select it.

  8. The next screens ask for parameters for loading the driver. If you have only one adapter, you do not need to enter a slot number. If you have multiple adapters, enter the slot number for the adapter you are configuring. At this time you may also press F3 to specify which frame types to load. When finished configuring the driver, select "Save parameters and load driver" to continue.

    Note: To find the slot numbers for your adapters, use Alt-Esc to switch to the console screen in NetWare. Type LOAD CE1000 and press <Enter>. The driver will attempt to load and prompt you with the available slot numbers. Note the slot numbers, and press Esc to abort the driver load. Use Alt-Esc to switch back to the Install screen and enter the correct slot number.

  9. To complete the driver installation process, go back to the Installation Options screen by pressing the Escape key until you see it.

  10. Choose Exit to return to the server console prompt.

    Note: If the adapter does not appear to transmit or receive following installation, check your AUTOEXEC.NCF to ensure that the proper LOAD and BIND statements have been added by Install. You can also refer to the Common Problems and Solutions section in the Installation Guide.

Other tips and suggestions

  1. When a server is first installed or has been upgraded the number of Maximum Packet Receive Buffers and Minimum Packet Receive Buffers are usually too low. The Intel® PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter requires a minimum of 64 Packet Receive Buffers during driver initialization.

    This initial load of the driver may fail because of the two above mentioned settings. The error message displayed and the solution to the problem is as follows:

    *** Packet Receive Buffers setting is too low. ***

    Load Monitor, select Srver Parametes, then select Communications. Set Maximum Packet Receive Buffers >= 2000 and set Minimrum Packet Receive Buffers >= 500. Restart NetWare to complete.

    Note: The maximum and minimum settings of 2000 and 500 respectively are suggested values only. You may need to request a larger number for Maximum Packet Receive Buffers depending on the number of Intel® PRO/1000 adapters in the server.

    This message is also displayed on the console if the driver cannot allocate the required number of Receive Buffers during driver load.

  2. If the Intel® PRO/1000 Gigabit Server adapter is installed in a client, then the default number of Rx Descriptors, Tx Descriptors, and Coalesce Buffers may be set too large depending on the amount of system memory in the client. If there is a problem loading on the client, and the "*** Packet Receive Buffers setting is too low. ***" error message (above) is displayed, then reduce the default values on the load line using the following example:

    load ce1000 slot=x rxdescriptors=32 txdescriptors=32 coalescebuffers=32

    See the NWCLT32.TXT file on the CD (\info directory) for more information on using this adapter in a 32-bit client environment.

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IntelŽ PRO/1000 Gigabit Server Adapter

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