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Printer Compatibility

The printer compatibility list and associated reference information provided herein is provided solely as a convenience for the Intel customer to use as a guide in choosing the appropriate printer to use with the Intel® NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Server. The printer compatibility list merely indicates those printers that are capable of operation when combined with the Intel® print server. Intel does not represent the completeness of the printer compatibility list. Furthermore, no inferences may be made with respect to the absence of a printer from the list. The customer is urged to conduct independent testing or to contact the vendor of the printer to address any performance issues associated with a particular printer product.

Note: This product was discontinued on October 1, 2001. There will be no future updates to this list.

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This applies to:

Intel® NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Servers
Intel® NetportExpress™ PRO and PRO/100 Print Servers

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