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NetPort Firmware

Use this table to ensure you are running the most current release of NetPort® or NetportExpress™ print server software. Verify all software components, including Flash Memory, application code, and the NetPort Manager software; the Windows*-based configuration utility.

To find the current running version of Firmware for a NetPort or NetPort II print server, the current RBL and application code versions for a NetportExpress EL or XL print server, or the current application code for a NetportExpress™ PRO print server, highlight the desired NetPort print server from the list that appears on the Intel® NetPort Manager Main Menu. Click Status. The Firmware or Remote Boot Load (RBL) and Application Code versions are displayed at the bottom of the text window under the General Information heading.

If you find that your NetPort® or NetportExpress™ print server is running software versions older than those listed here, we recommend you upgrade to the newest software. Each file is self-extracting and includes installation instructions.

NPINSTAL.EXE provides a 32-bit management interface. This release contains new firmware for the NetportExpress XL and EL models which corrects the following issue: Novell NetWare* environments - The year printed on banner pages appears as 100 in year 2000, 101 in 2001, etc.

Print Server Token Ring Ethernet Current Software
NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 print server          
Application Code N/A 5.40 NPINSTAL.EXE
Netport Manager N/A 5.40 NPINSTAL.EXE
NetportExpress™ PRO/100 print server          
Application Code N/A 4.45 NPINSTAL.EXE
Netport Manager N/A 5.40 NPINSTAL.EXE
NetportExpress™ PRO print server      
Application Code 4.45 4.45 NPINSTAL.EXE
Netport Manager 5.40 5.40 NPINSTAL.EXE
NetportExpress™ XL/EL print server      
Application Code 3.25 3.25 NPINSTAL.EXE
NetPort Manager 5.40 5.40 NPINSTAL.EXE
NetPort® II print server      
Flash Memory 5.34 4.34 NPT534.EXE for Token Ring
NPE434.EXE for  Ethernet
Original NetPort® print server      
Flash Memory 3.45 2.57 NP1TUP.EXE for Token Ring
NP1EUP.EXE for  Ethernet

This applies to:

Intel® NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Servers
Intel® NetportExpress™ PRO and PRO/100 Print Servers

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Date Created: 30-Aug-2004