Networking Connectivity
Intel® NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Servers
Last Known Issues

Common issues
This page provides information on a list of common issues.

Workstation and network operating system printing support
See this page for specific workstation and network operating system printing support.

Where can I find the latest NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Server driver?
The latest driver for this product can be found here.

Forgot password
If a password assigned to the print server has been lost or forgotten preventing access to the configuration options, follow the steps below to overwrite the current configuration of the NetportExpress print server and return it to the factory default settings:

  1. Press the Reset button on the back of the print server.
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  2. When the Activity Light flashes amber, press and hold the Test Page button until the light turns green and begins to flash amber again.
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  3. Press and release the Test Page button again.
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How do I identify my Intel® Print Server?
This paper was created to help customers identify their existing Intel® print server. Generally, the quickest way to identify the print server is by the embossed letters on the top or front of the print server case that gives the model name. Please check this page for other identifiers.

This applies to:

Intel® NetportExpress™ 10 and 10/100 Print Servers

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