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Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E
How do I Reset the System to Defaults?

Resetting the system will reset the administrator password, revert to DHCP mode, and reset the system hostname.

To reset the system:

  1. Power on the system, wait until it completes the startup sequence so that all front panel LEDs stop blinking.
  2. Press and hold the rear panel reset button until the front panel power button begins to blink (approximately 5 seconds). At this point, the system resets certain settings (such as resetting the admin password, reverts to DHCP mode, and resetting the system hostname) and then restarts. Once the system restart completes, the EMC Storage Manager can discover it and the user is able to reinitialize to the new environment.

Resetting the device to Factory Defaults will not delete RAID (disk) configuration, or delete user data.

This applies to:

Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E

Solution ID: CS-028587
Last Modified: 07-Oct-2014
Date Created: 25-Nov-2007
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