Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Microsoft Windows* show only 4GB memory, when I have 8GB memory installed?
PAE mode should be enabled.

No display when using 6 GB RAM with Dual-Rank Feature?
Only a total of four DIMMs can be populated when dual-rank memory is used. Please see the Tested Memory list for more details.

What type of riser cards are used on the Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2?
There are two PCI riser slots:

  • Riser Slot 1: Supports low profile PCI-X 66/100MHz PCI-X cards
  • Riser Slot 2: Using Intel® adaptive slot technology and different riser cards, this slot is capable of supporting full height PCI-X 66/100/133 or PCI-Express cards.

Front panel LED decorder.
The control panel houses six LEDs, which are viewable with or without the front bezel to display the system's operating state.
The following table identifies each LED and describes their functionality.

LED Color State Description
NIC1 / NIC2 Activity Green On NIC Link
Green Blink NIC Activity
Power / Sleep
(on standby power)
Green On Legacy power on / ACPI S0 state
Blink Sleep / ACPI S1 state
Off Off Power Off / ACPI S4 or S5 state
System Status
(on standby power)
Green On Running / normal operation
Blink Degraded
Amber On Critical or non-recoverable condition.
Blink Non-critical condition.
Off Off POST / system stop.
Disk Activity Green Random blink Provides an indicator for disk activity.
Off Off No hard disk activity
System Identification Blue Blink Identify active via command or button.
Off Off No Identification.
Missing microcode message during POST with an installation of a new processor.
Check for the compatibility of the processor against the server board being used. This information can be found under the compatibitliy section of the respective platforms. Perform a BIOS update to ensure that the processor microcode is integrated into the server board BIOS.

What do I do when a password is requested by the FRUSDR update utility?
Please refer to the Password May be Requested document for more information.

What SATA back plane and SATA RAID controller firmware do I need for the correct LED functionality on the Intel® Chassis?
Earlier firmware versions may not support LED fuctionality. Please update to the latest firmware.

Some hard drive LED activity will not work when using our Serial ATA (SATA) backplanes
The Hard drive LED activity on our SATA backplanes is NOT only controlled by the GEM424 controller. They can also be driven by the drives themselves using pin 11 on the connector. Therefore, if a system has newer SATA drives that support this Drive Activity LED pin, the backplane LEDs will support drive activity regardless of what SATA controller is used.

How do I resolve 'noisy fan' issues?
Please make sure you install your system fans and CPU fans to the correct connector on the system board. Then update FRUSDR following the instruction associated with the FRUSDR update.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Intel® Server System SR1400SYS
Intel® Server System SR2400SYS
Intel® Server System SR2400SYSD2

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Last Modified: 01-Oct-2014
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