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Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2
Insufficient Memory to Shadow PCI ROM - BIOS POST Error Message

Insufficient memory to Shadow PCI ROM" BIOS error message may be displayed during POST under certain system configurations and/or when invoking certain option ROM configuration utilities. The display of this POST error message is a result of certain adapters and/or adapter option ROM utilities requesting an exorbitant amount of option ROM space that depletes all space available for other installed PCI adapters and on-board components. The Intel® Server Board BIOS displays this POST error message to indicate that it could not load other option ROMs due to lack of sufficient memory.

This limitation is not a server board specific issue, but rather a legacy BIOS limitation present on all BIOS based platforms.

At this moment there is no work around or fix that will work for all adapters available in the market. Users may disable in BIOS Setup (F2) on-board components not being used (e.g. NIC) thereby de-allocating memory space to compensate depletion of BIOS option ROM by these adapters.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board SE7320EP2
Intel® Server Board SE7320SP2
Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2
Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2
Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Intel® Server Board SE7525GP2
Intel® Server Board SE7525RP2
Intel® Server System SR1435VP2

Solution ID: CS-016707
Last Modified: 08-Jun-2007
Date Created: 07-Nov-2004
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