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RAID and Storage Options Available on S5000 and S3200 Based Server Systems

This document lists the RAID and storage options available on Intel® Server Boards, Systems, and Chassis based on the Intel® 3200/5000 Chipsets. The lists include details about:

  • Intel software, matrix, and hardware RAID requirements
  • SKUs for the Intel boards, systems, and chassis
  • Storage ports
  • Storage controllers
  • RAID types and levels
  • Drives supported

See the RAID and storage options document for S5520 and S5500 based Server Systems.

icon  RAID Support Matrix (PDF)
File Name: RAID Support Matrix v.3.0.pdf
Size: 62 KB
Date: March 2009
File Revision: 3.0

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This applies to:

Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299-E
Intel® Server Board S3200SH
Intel® Server Board S5000PAL
Intel® Server Board S5000PSL Family
Intel® Server Board S5000VCL
Intel® Server Board S5000VSA
Intel® Server Board S5000XSL
Intel® Server Board S5400SF
Intel® Server Chassis SC5400 Family
Intel® Server Chassis SR1550
Intel® Server Chassis SR2500
Intel® Server System SC5400RA
Intel® Server System SR1530CL
Intel® Server System SR1530HCL
Intel® Server System SR1530SH
Intel® Server System SR1560SF
Intel® Server System SR2520SA
Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVN

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