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Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology User's Guide

This guide describes Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology for the end-of-life products listed below. For current products, see the Intel® RAID Software user's guide

Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology - User's Guide for end-of-life products (PDF)icon
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Date: December 2005
Revision: C96269-002

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Disk write cache and read ahead settings
Enable or disable the disk write cache and read ahead policies for all physical drives by setting an Adapter property. The setting is applied to all slots, including empty slots.

Warning: Enabling the Disk Write Cache setting might cause data loss if the power fails.

To change the Disk Write Cache Setting:

  1. Select Objects > Adapter
  2. Select Set Write Cache
  3. Select Enable or Disable.
  4. At Change Write Cache Setting, select On or Off, then press <Enter>.
    To change the Read Ahead Setting, substitute Read Ahead for Disk Write Cache.
  5. Reboot the system for changes to take effect.
Note Go to Objects > Physical Drive and select the applicable drive in versions 5.28 and earlier to set the read-ahead and write-cache policy settings.

This applies to:

Intel® Entry Server Board SE7230NH1-E
Intel® Server Board S3000AH
Intel® Server Board SE7320EP2
Intel® Server Board SE7320SP2
Intel® Server Board SE7320VP2
Intel® Server Board SE7520AF2
Intel® Server Board SE7520BD2
Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Intel® Server Board SE7525GP2
Intel® Server Board SE7525RP2
Intel® Server System SR1435VP2

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