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Tested Memory List Report

The memory module on the Intel® Server Board SE7221BK1 has 4 DIMM sockets, which can hold up to 4 GB of Unbuffered ECC and non-ECC DDR2-400 or DDR2-533 memory using four 72-bit DIMM modules. The following memory features are supported:

  • DDR2-400 and DDR2-533 Unbuffered ECC and non-ECC compatible 1.8V modules (in compliance with the DDR JEDEC DIMM Specification).
  • DIMMs with capacity of 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB. Other DRAM sizes may function
    correctly but will not be validated.
  • Minimum configuration is 256MB using one 256MB DIMM.
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This applies to:

Intel® Entry Server Board SE7221BK1-E
Intel® Entry Server System SR1425BK1-E

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