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Tested Memory List Report

The Intel® Server board SE7320VP2 is capable of supporting both DDR266, DDR333, and DD2-400 MHz memory technologies.

Note Industry naming conventions for equivalent memory technologies include the following:

  • DDR266 = PC2100
  • DDR333 = PC2700
  • DDR2-400 = PC3200

The following maximum memory capacities are supported based on the number of DIMM slots provided and maximum supported memory loads by the chipset:

  • 24GB maximum capacity for DDR266
  • 16GB maximum capacity for DDR333 and DDR2-400

The minimum memory supported with the system running in single channel memory mode is:

256MB for DDR266, DDR333, and DDR2-400
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File Name: SE7320VP2_MemList_Rev54.pdf
Size: 346,187 bytes
Date: September 2008
File Revision: 54

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This applies to:

Intel® Server Board SE7320VP2
Intel® Server System SR1435VP2

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Last Modified: 06-Mar-2015
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