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TA 1054: Incorrectly Wired SATA Power Cables on P4000 Families

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If one or both of the SATA 1x5 pin peripheral power connectors from the PDB are connected to peripheral devices, the system does not turn on. This issue is isolated to the following SATA cable and date: PNDD0S6CPB700 December 15, 2013. This document provides the full description, root cause, and resolution for this issue.

File name: TA1054-01.pdf
Size: 321 KB
Date: April 2014
Revision: 1.0

This applies to:

Intel® Server System P4000CP Family
Intel® Server System P4000IP Family
Intel® Workstation System P4300CR Family

Solution ID: CS-034716
Last Modified: 18-Mar-2015
Date Created: 03-Apr-2014