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Error When Updating Intel® RAID Controller Firmware


When updating firmware on Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040 or RS2BL080 using CmdTool2, you can experience the following error:

Adaptor 0: Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040
Vendor ID: 0x1000, Device ID: 0x0079

Package version on the controller: 12.7.0-0007
Package version of the image file: 12.12.0-0124
Download Completed.
Flashing image to adapter...
Firmware Failed to Flash flash. Stop!!!

FW error description:
The requested command cannot be completed as the image is corrupted.

Exit Code: 0x13


The firmware installed on the controller is too old.


First update firmware to version 12.12.0-0036. Then update to latest version.

This applies to:

Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040
Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL080

Solution ID: CS-033999
Last Modified: 11-Nov-2014
Date Created: 23-Jan-2013