Server Products
Server Products
Customer Support Options for Selected Intel® Server Boards and Systems

Intel stopped manufacturing the Intel® Server Boards and Systems listed below. Effective October 22, 2012, Intel customer support options are:

Customer Service Agents no longer respond to telephone, chat, community support forum, or email inquiries for these products.

This applies to:

Intel® Compute Module MFS5000SI
Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5295-E
Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299-E
Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E
Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E
Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-EHW
Intel® RAID Controller SRCS28X
Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS144E
Intel® RAID Controller SRCSAS18E
Intel® Server Board S3000AH
Intel® Server Board S3000PT
Intel® Server Board S5000PSL
Intel® Server Board S5000VSA
Intel® Server Board S5000XSL
Intel® Server Chassis SC5400
Intel® Server System SR1530AH
Intel® Server System SR1680MV
Intel® Server System SR2520SA
Intel® Server System SR9000MK4U
Intel® Storage Server SSR212MC2
Intel® Storage Server SSR212MC2R
Intel® Workstation Board S5000XVN
Intel® Workstation Board S975XBX2
Intel® Workstation Board WX58BP

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Last Modified: 08-May-2015
Date Created: 20-Sep-2012