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TA-996: IntelŽ RAID C600 Upgrade Key Replacement Issue

Intel® Server Boards and Systems can detect the incorrect Storage Control Unit (SCU) Redundant Array of Inexpensive/Independent Disks (RAID) information after installing or replacing the RAID upgrade key.

Technical Advisory 996 (PDF)icon

Size: 57 KB
Date: April 2012

This applies to:

IntelŽ Server Board S2600CO Family
IntelŽ Server Board S2600CP Family
IntelŽ Server Board S2600GL
IntelŽ Server Board S2600GZ
IntelŽ Server Board S2600IP Family
IntelŽ Server Board S2600JF
IntelŽ Server Board S2600WP
IntelŽ Server System P4000CP Family
IntelŽ Server System P4000IP Family
IntelŽ Server System R1000GL Family
IntelŽ Server System R1000GZ Family
IntelŽ Server System R2000GL Family
IntelŽ Server System R2000GZ Family
IntelŽ Workstation Board W2600CR Family
IntelŽ Workstation System P4300CR Family

Solution ID: CS-033407
Last Modified: 03-Nov-2014
Date Created: 10-Apr-2012
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