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Can I purchase an Intel® Server Board S2600GZ or Intel® Server Board S2600GL without the chassis?
The board is only sold singly as a spare and does not come with cables or any accessories that would allow it to be integrated into any other chassis.

Does the system include the heatsink?
Every system comes with two heatsinks.

Is Windows SBS 2011* supported?
Windows Small Business Server 2011* uses the same drivers and has the same support as Windows Server 2008*.

Does it support 2.5" drives, SSD drives, or drives larger than 2 TB?
Yes. See the Server Configurator Tool.

Does the system include a driver disk?
Yes. The system comes with an Intel® Deployment Assistant CD, which includes drivers. However, the drivers on the disk are usually older than the drivers available from Download Center.

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S2600GL
Intel® Server Board S2600GZ
Intel® Server System R1000GL Family
Intel® Server System R1000GZ Family
Intel® Server System R2000GL Family
Intel® Server System R2000GZ Family

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Last Modified: 05-Nov-2014
Date Created: 28-Feb-2012
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