Server Products
Server Products
End of Interactive Support Announcement

Effective November 1st, 2010, Intel customer support options for this discontinued product are:

Customer service agents will no longer respond to telephone, chat, community support forum, or e-mail inquiries for this product.

This applies to:

Intel® Blade Server Chassis SBCE
Intel® Blade Server Ethernet Switch Module IXM5414E
Intel® Blade Server Ethernet Switch Module SBCEGBESW
Intel® Blade Server Ethernet Switch Module SBCEGBESW1
Intel® RAID Controller SRCS16
Intel® RAID Controller SRCU41L
Intel® RAID Controller SRCU42E
Intel® RAID Controller SRCU42X
Intel® Server Board SE7520BB2D2
Intel® Server Compute Blade SBX44
Intel® Server Compute Blade SBX82
Intel® Server Compute Blade SBXD132
Intel® Server Compute Blade SBXD62
Intel® Server Compute Blade SBXL52
Intel® Server System SC5400RA
Intel® Server System SR4850HW4
Intel® Server System SR4850HW4/M
Intel® Server System SR4850HW4/S
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4/M
Intel® Server System SR6850HW4/S

Solution ID: CS-031868
Last Modified: 27-Oct-2014
Date Created: 28-Sep-2010
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