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Intel® RAID Expander Card RES2SV240 Hardware User Guide

Intel® RAID Expander Card RES2SV240 is a 24-port, 6.0Gb/s serial attached SCSI (SAS) expander that enables the connection of up to 24 directly attached SAS or serial ATA (SATA) devices. Each expander PHY is individually configurable allowing for either 4 or 8 incoming ports and 20 or 16 outgoing ports, and performs SAS and SATA transfers based on the speed of the host or target at either 6.0Gb/s, 3.0Gb/s, or 1.5Gb/s.

The Intel® RAID Expander Card RES2SV240 addresses the growing demand for increased data throughput and scalability requirements across entry level, midrange, and enterprise server platforms.

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Date: July 2011

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This applies to:

Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2AF040
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2AF080
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2LL040
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2LL080
Intel® Integrated RAID Module RMS2MH080
Intel® Integrated RAID Module SROMBSASMR
Intel® RAID Controller RS25DB080
Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL040
Intel® RAID Controller RS2BL080
Intel® RAID Controller RS2MB044
Intel® RAID Controller RS2SG244
Intel® RAID Controller RS2VB040
Intel® RAID Controller RS2VB080
Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC040
Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC080
Intel® RAID Controller RS2WG160
Intel® RAID Expander Card RES2SV240

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