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Erroneous Deletion of a Virtual Drive - Can the Data Be Recovered?

If a virtual drive on the Intel® Modular Server is deleted by mistake and no backup is available, it is possible the data could be recovered

Create the same virtual drive again in the original storage pool. It must have the same size, RAID level, affinity and server assignment. When creating this new virtual drive, do not check the "Initialize Boot Sector" option. Once the new virtual drive has been created, the data might be accessible.

To clean all the data from a previously deleted virtual drive, for example in a test environment, do check the "Initialize Boot Sector" option and all data will be deleted.

Operating System:

OS Independent

This applies to:

Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25
Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS25V2
Intel® Modular Server System MFSYS35

Solution ID: CS-031798
Last Modified: 27-Oct-2014
Date Created: 10-Aug-2010
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