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How Can I Calculate the BTU’s Per Hour My Server Generates?

How can I calculate the BTU’s (British thermal unit) per hour my server generates?

To calculate the heat dissipation of a server system, you will need to know the power consumption in Watts, and the server efficiency.

A Power Budget Tool is typically found on the support page of each Intel® Server Board to help calculate the total power consumption of the system. The Technical Product Specification (TPS) may also list the system cooling requirement in BTU/Hr. 1 watt is approximately 3.41214 BTU/h

With the power consumption, use the following formula to convert watts to BTU/Hr

  • Power consumed = Watts/efficiency
  • Watts x 3.412= BTU/h

Example using a 650W power supply at 90% efficiency:

  • 650/0.90 = 722
  • 722W x 3.412 = 2,464 BTU/h


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