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How Can I Calculate the BTU’s Per Hour My Server Generates?

How can I calculate the BTU’s (British thermal unit) per hour my server generates?

To calculate the heat dissipation of a server system, you will need to know the power consumption in Watts, and the server efficiency.

A Power Budget Tool is typically found on the support page of each Intel® Server Board to help calculate the total power consumption of the system. The Technical Product Specification (TPS) may also list the system cooling requirement in BTU/Hr. 1 watt is approximately 3.41214 BTU/h

With the power consumption, use the following formula to convert watts to BTU/Hr

  • Power consumed = Watts/efficiency
  • Watts x 3.412= BTU/h

Example using a 650W power supply at 90% efficiency:

  • 650/0.90 = 722
  • 722W x 3.412 = 2,464 BTU/h



This applies to:

IntelŽ Server Chassis SC5400
IntelŽ Server Chassis SC5600 Family
IntelŽ Server Chassis SC5650 Family
IntelŽ Server Chassis SR2500
IntelŽ Server System SR1600UR
IntelŽ Server System SR1625UR
IntelŽ Server System SR2600UR Family
IntelŽ Server System SR2625UR Family

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