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TA-949: Onboard and add-in Devices Re-Enumerate After BIOS Update

BIOS 45 has a change in the ACPI table which will cause a re-enumeration of onboard and add-in devices. Systems upgrading the system BIOS prior to BIOS 45 or later, will see a re-enumeration of onboard and add-in devices under the following operating systems: Microsoft* Windows* 2003 R2 SP2, Microsft* Windows 2008 SP2, Microsoft* Windows 2008 R2, VMWare* ESX* 3.5, VMWare ESXi* 3.5, VMWare 4.0, and VMWare ESXi 4.0.

icon  Technical Advisory 949 [PDF]
Size: 24,181 bytes
Date: April 2010

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This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5500HCV
Intel® Server Board S5500WB
Intel® Server Board S5520HC
Intel® Server Board S5520HCT
Intel® Server Board S5520UR
Intel® Server System SC5650BCDP
Intel® Server System SC5650HCBRP
Intel® Server System SR1600UR
Intel® Server System SR1625UR
Intel® Server System SR1690WB
Intel® Server System SR2600UR Family
Intel® Server System SR2612UR
Intel® Server System SR2625UR Family
Intel® Workstation Board S5520SC
Intel® Workstation System SC5650SCWS

Solution ID: CS-031544
Last Modified: 22-Oct-2014
Date Created: 22-Apr-2010
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