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Why Doesn't Auto Rebuild Start After Inserting a Hot-Plug Replacement Drive?

Auto rebuild is not supported for a hot-plugged drive until a manual selection is made by the user.

As part of the JBOD, or disk concatenation, implementation for Intel® RAID Controllers RS2WC080 and RS2WC040, all new drives that are hot-plugged will automatically become JBOD. Users need to manually move the JBOD drive to an Unconfigured Good status and the auto rebuild will then start.

For information on drive configuration, see the Intel® RAID Software User's Guide.

Hot-plug support allows hard drives to be inserted or removed without rebooting the system, as long as both the hard drive and server system backplane support hard drive hot-plug functions.

The RAID controller immediately recognizes when a drive is removed and sets the virtual status to “Missing” until an I/O to the drive fails. The drive status then changes to “Failed.”

A drive inserted into an attached intelligent enclosure is recognized as present. A drive inserted into an attached non-intelligent enclosure may require a bus scan before it is detected. Hot plug of new drives is supported in both intelligent and non-intelligent enclosures.

This applies to:

Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC040
Intel® RAID Controller RS2WC080

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Last Modified: 17-Oct-2014
Date Created: 18-Feb-2010
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