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Where Can I Find Microsoft Windows Server 2008* R2 Drivers?

Microsoft* Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system has completed validation for the Intel® Server Board S5520HC, S5500HCV and S5520HCT.

Currently, the drivers for the following functions are available for download

Function Driver
On-board Network Card v14.6 or later
On-board Video controller or later
Intel® Chipset Utility v9.1.1.1019 or later
SATA and SAS Software RAID 13.21.0614.2010 or later
AHCI SATA Storage Driver or later
SAS Hardware RAID 4.23.0 or later
RAID Web Console Utility v3.04_05 or later
Trusted Platform Module (only for S5520HCT) or later

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S5500HCV
Intel® Server Board S5520HC
Intel® Server Board S5520HCT

Solution ID: CS-030994
Last Modified: 20-Oct-2014
Date Created: 20-Oct-2009