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Supported Operating Systems

This page contains a list of supported operating systems for the Intel® Server Board S3200SH/S3210SH. Operating systems not listed below are not supported by this Intel Server Board.

Operating System Type Of Testing Note
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition* (32-bit) Compatibility & Stress
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition* for EM64T Compatibility & Stress
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition*, SP2 (32-bit) Compatibility & Stress   
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition* for EM64T, SP2 Compatibility & Stress
Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 5.0 AS, Update 1 (32-bit) Compatibility & Stress Update 1 required
Red Hat* Enterprise Linux 5.0 AS, Update 1, EM64T Compatibility & Stress Update 1 required
SuSE* Linux Enterprise Server 10, SP1 (32-bit) Compatibility & Stress SP1 required
SuSE* Linux Enterprise Server 10, SP1, EM64T Compatibility & Stress SP1 required
Microsoft Windows XP Professional*, SP2 (32-bit) Basic Installation 3
Red Hat*  Enterprise Linux 4.0 AS, Update 4 (32-bit) Basic Installation
Red Hat*  Enterprise Linux 4.0 AS, Update 4, EM64T Basic Installation
SuSE*  Linux Enterprise Server 9 , SP4 (32-bit) Basic Installation
SuSE*  Linux Enterprise Server 9, SP4, EM64T Basic Installation
Novell  NetWare* 6.5, SP6 Basic Installation
Sun* Solaris 10 U5 Basic Installation 4

For a list of Operating System certifications, please check the Tested Hardware and Operating System List located on support.

  1. Adapter/Peripheral Compatibility & Stress testing is performed only on the most current release of a supported operating system at the time of a given validation run. The Adapter/Peripheral Compatibility & Stress testing process consists of three areas: Base Platform, Multiple Adapter, and Endurance:
    • Base Platform: Each base platform will successfully install a given operating system, successfully run a disk stress test, and successfully run a network stress test.
    • Adapter Compatibility: Adapter compatibility validation (CV) testing uses test suites to gain an
      accurate view of how the server performs with a wide variety of adapters under the primary
      supported operating systems. These tests are designed to show hardware compatibility
      between the cards and the server platform and include functional testing only. No heavy
      stressing of the systems or the cards is performed for CV testing.
    • Stress Testing: This test sequence uses configurations that include add-in adapters in all available slots, (depending on chassis used) for a minimum 72-hour test run without injecting
      errors. Each configuration passes an installation test, a Network/Disk Stress test, and tape backup test. Any fatal errors that occur will require a complete test restart.
  2. Basic installation testing is performed with each supported operating system. Basic installation testing validates that the server board can install the operating system and that the base hardware feature set is functional. A small set of peripherals is used for installation purposes only. No add-in adapter cards are tested. Testing may include network connectivity and running of proprietary and industry standard test suites.
  3. Does not support install from an external USB DVD drive when RAID mode is enabled.
  4. To use X-Window GUI, edit the script /usr/bin/X11/Xserver and use the following arguments to make color depth not larger than 16 bit.

    SERVERARGS="-depth 16 -fbbpp 16"

This applies to:

Intel® Server Board S3200SH
Intel® Server System SR1530SH

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